“Humanity: A Circus Performance Infused with Five Visions by Goya”

HUMANITY (FIVE VISIONS BY GOYA FOR THE CIRCUS) BRINGS TOGETHER SEVERAL SHORT CIRCUS PIECES Signed by four young directors under the joint direction of Rakel Camacho and with María Folguera as playwright who spins the show. In it Circus Price TheaterSusan Sontag and Francisco de Goya, a 20th century thinker and an 18th century painter, […]

“How to Create a Professional Gmail Signature with Logo and Name”

RIAU24.COM – In order to send e-mails to look more professional, users usually put a signature at the bottom of the e-mails that are sent. Unlike the usual signature, in this section you can embed your full name, position, agency, and even the company logo. Cool, right? Having this signature will make your letter easily […]

“Easter Triggers Surge in Covid-19 Cases, Experts Warn of Potential New Wave”

Easter has triggered infectivity by Covid-19, reaching 2,000 cases per 100,000, a value that according to experts could become a new wave. The sudden increase in infectivity could be associated with the emergence of a new variant whose impact must be analyzed. It’s not discarded … Easter has triggered infectivity by Covid-19, reaching 2,000 cases […]

Mortgages and the family economy in 2023

Mortgages are being, at the end of 2022, one of the great headaches in the field of family loans. The rise in interest rates by the ECB is posing a challenge for those who see in the reviews how the Euribor rise is beginning to be applied to their quotas. If 2022 started negatively, it […]