Open-air cinema evenings will take place in Ziedonis summer house “Dzirnakmeņi”

The Ziedonis Museum is organizing open-air cinema evenings in the yard of the Latvian author’s summer house “Dzirnakmeņi” for the sixth year and this year the film viewing will start on August 3 with the museum’s multi-series documentary “On the Way to the Baron”, Kristiāna Salnāja Kristiana said. She said that from August 3, five […]

Twitter blocked Gustavo Petro’s trill about vaccines – Political Parties – Politics

After the senator and presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro, publish in Twitter, without scientific evidence, that “vaccines are not useful for virus covid-delta, according to first investigations ”, the social network put a brake on it and blocking the trill, calling it ‘misleading‘. “This Tweet is misleading. Learn why health officials recommend a vaccine for most […]

This study analyzes which are the predominant colors in our favorite games

Colors inspire certain emotions in us, they invite us to understand the message that the developers want to convey to us as we progress through stories and scenarios. The different tones represent a universal communicative form, which stripped of text and other symbols, serve so that players understand the intentions of the creators without the […]

Scientists Discover Dozens of New Viruses from 15,000-Year-Old Glacier Ice

PR CIREBON – Tim scientist find dozens of types virus new when studying samples it is ancient which they collected from glacier in the highlands Tibet. Disclosed by scientist, that the sample it is glacier it is 15,000 years old. With so many species virus previously unknown to science, this discovery could open new avenues […]

Woman gives birth to her husband’s baby months after he died – People – Culture

Sarah Shellenberger, a forty-year-old woman, gave birth recently to baby of her late husband 14 months after losing him. Scott Shellenberger, Sarah’s husband, 41, died of a heart attack in February 2020, but the widow was able to conceive her child through frozen embryos. (You can read: Tips for entrepreneurship in Spain, expenses and requirements) […]

Fekir: “I want to do my best for this great club”

Nabil Fekir, footballer of the Real Betis Balompié, attended the club’s media during the pre-season stage that the team is carrying out in Bad Ragaz (Switzerland) and in the run-up to the first friendly match against him FC Winterthur, what is disputed tomorrow. The world champion with France reviewed the Betic news, his desire to […]

Sixers dodged elimination | NBA

Playing with courage, with ease and managing to overcome all the pressure of being eliminated in the NBA Playoffs is not an easy task. Last night that scene was experienced once again. Philadelphia 76ers did their homework against the Atlanta Hawks. The Sixers went to State Farm Arena with the obligation not to go home […]

“Writing something set in Galicia is my outstanding debt”

Fernando J. Múñez (Madrid, 1972) spoke for Atlantic from his latest novel ‘The ten steps’. A thriller set in a monastery in the High Middle Ages, it moves away from its previous success, “The Cook of Castamar”, a novel with which it was released in the narrative for adults. Choose a historical setting for your […]