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Anyone can get head lice, but children aged 3 to 11 are particularly affected, with a peak around 8-9 years old. Worst enemies of parents, lice love to lodge in children’s scalps. Often caught in community, they irritate the scalp and are easily transmitted from one head to another… How to get rid of it […]

Preventing Dengue Transmission, Pemecutan Kelod Village Performs Fogging | Denpasar – To prevent the spread of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), Pemecutan Kelod Village carried out a Fogging Focus in Banjar Buagan Jalan Pulau Indah VI, Wednesday (12/1). The head of Pemecutan Kelod Village, I Wayan Tantra, said that fogging was carried out in Banjar Buagan, Jalan Pulau Indah VI because there were […]

The Governing Council ratifies an international convention

The Government Council deliberated on and ratified Convention No. 148 on the protection of workers against occupational risks due to air pollution, noise and vibrations in the workplace. Adopted by the General Conference of the International Labor Organization at its fortieth session, on June 25, 1957, and entered into force on January 17, 1959, this […]

Al-Hilal wins fourth Asian Champions League

Written by the editorial staff (with AFP) on Tuesday 23 November 2021 Saudi club Al-Hilal won the Asian Champions League for the fourth time by winning the final 2-0 against Pohang Steelers (South Korea) on Tuesday in front of their supporters in Riyadh. The men of former Monaco coach Leonardo Jardim were in a hurry: […]

“This Is America & the World” shines its spotlight on the Morocco factory

The famous program This Is America & the World dedicated an episode to the economy and trade of Morocco. It airs on US Public Television and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), a not-for-profit public television network with more than 350 member television stations in the United States. Speaking during the program, Mr. Ryad Mezzour stressed […]

The CNDH and the Mediator of the Kingdom work together

Signed by the Mediator of the Kingdom, Mohamed Benalilou and the President of the CNDH Amina Bouayach, this convention aims to strengthen joint action in favor of the consolidation of the culture of law and obligation and to consolidate education in human rights. Man and citizenship in the practice of rights, able to establish the […]

of Spanish parties deplore the interference of the Ministry of Justice

At the meeting to be held on October 13, Maria Pilar Llop, of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), will replace the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, who will follow up on questions relating to the Ghali affair. in front of the parliamentarians of the Popular Party. It should be noted that the […]

Overnight Telegram Gains 70 Million Users

Facebook’s so-called “Black Monday” continues to reap the havoc it has wrought, arguably one of the most complex events in the history of Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. As it has already been reported in all specialized and non-specialized media, on Monday, for more than six hours, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram experienced an extremely serious blackout, one […]