Corona Protests: The Orchestrated Anger | Germany | DW

“I would shoot myself if I were you!” Yells an angry woman. Again and again. A chain of policemen with helmets and baton stands shoulder to shoulder in front of her. Police vans have cordoned off the street. One hundred officers are on duty. There is no getting through at this point for those taking […]

Bundestag election: the preliminary official final result – politics

According to the preliminary official final result, the SPD with top candidate Olaf Scholz will be the strongest force in the federal election in 2021, the union with Armin Laschet follows in second place. The Greens with top candidate Annalena Baerbock landed in third place. The result at a glance: This results in several possible […]

Corona: Baden-Württemberg starts exit bans for unvaccinated people in hotspots

FAs of today, stricter rules apply to unvaccinated people in hotspots in Baden-Württemberg. Due to an exploded increase in corona infections, people who have not been vaccinated in the Schwarzwald-Baar district, the Ostalb district and the Biberach district are only allowed to leave their apartments between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. for good reason. Exceptions […]

Osnabrück-Land: election result & winner constituency 38 – federal election 2021

Dhe polling stations are closed, the 20th German Bundestag has been elected. A total of 60.4 million people in Germany in 299 constituencies were called upon to elect their representatives in the new German Bundestag. In the Osnabrück-Land constituency, too, every adult with German citizenship had two votes: With the first vote, the constituency member […]

AfD boss Tino Chrupalla cannot think of a German favorite poem

September 12, 2021 at 9:45 a.m. Favorite German poem : Child reporter lets AfD boss Chrupalla run up – with a single question Tino Chrupalla, federal chairman of the AfD. Photo: dpa / Hendrik Schmidt Berlin AfD chairman Tino Chrupalla would like more German cultural assets to be conveyed in schools in this country – […]