“Intentional Car Attack Leaves 7 Dead, 6 Injured in Texas”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a car driver intentionally running over a group of people, in the US state of Texas, which resulted in deaths and injuries. The video showed a group of people sitting on the sidewalk, while others were standing, and during that the driver of a car driving at high speed […]

Charlotte Cardin Makes Bold Social Media Post Flaunting Her Style

The very talented Charlotte Cardin made a bold post today on her social media. Indeed, the singer shared a carousel of photos representing herself in different positions, with the description “which Charlotte are you tonight? “. What makes people react is the last one, on which she doesn’t wear any clothes on the top: The […]

“ČEZ’s New Target Price and Recommendation Amidst Soaring Electricity Costs”

Following the reported financial results of ČEZ, we renew our analytical coverage with a “Buy” investment recommendation and a 12M target price of CZK 1,317. The continuation of the article is only available to clients of Patria Plus / Investor Plus paid services or platform users Patria Direct. If you are a client of these […]

Seven Foods with High Glycemic Index to Avoid for Diabetics.

Food selection plays a major role in controlling diabetes, along with drug treatment and physical activity. If you have diabetes, your body can’t make or use insulin properly. This leads to high blood sugar levels. Healthy eating helps balance your blood sugar within the target range. It is an important part of diabetes management, because […]

Massage Leggings for Athletic Wear

Functional sports tights massage pants 1695 Waistband: normal waist height Length: to the ankles The Sport Massage Pants 1695 by Anita Active fit like a second skin, shape the figure and provide power all along the line. The sports tights massage pants from the quality brand Anita Active are made of structured power fabric with […]

Linta seeks different ways of survival

The first thing that hits anyone when they know they are going to die is fear and despair. If you can overcome it, life will be more beautiful and there will be more to enjoy. That feeling will give you the will to live and will give you mental strength. A 76-year-old woman is making […]

5 reasons why almonds are good for you

Almond Board of California : For Almond Day: 5 reasons why almonds are good for you Almonds are true all-rounders that provide valuable energy and are rich in healthy nutrients. / More text via ots and www.presseportal.de/nr/52202 / The use of this image for editorial purposes is permitted provided that all the stated conditions of […]