Is fecal transmission possible? – Naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Genetic material from SARS-CoV-2 detectable in the chair Genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus can be detected in human faeces. Does this mean that the virus can be transmitted through stool and are new protective measures now necessary to prevent the virus from spreading through faeces? In the current evaluation of various studies by the […]

Smart Home: What the toilet can reveal about our health

Every time we visit the toilet, we deliver medically valuable samples: urine and stool can be used to identify numerous diseases. But »smart toilets«, which could automatically carry out tests on our legacies, are expensive and more art than everyday objects. A team led by radiologist Sanjiv Gambhir from the Stanford University School of Medicine […]

Disease protection: Corona virus appears in the waste water

An early warning of coronavirus outbreaks in individual areas could come from sewage treatment plants. At least that is what a Dutch working group from the KWR Water Research Institute in Nieuwegein proposes based on their analysis results. As the team led by Gertjan Medema reports in an as yet unchecked pre-release, fragments of genetic […]