Controversy in NY over school closings and bars opening

UNITED STATES. It is necessary close the schools of New York to face a second wave of the coronavirus? As the positive test rate in schools is miniscule and gyms, bars and restaurants remain open, the decision infuriates thousands of parents who demand their reopening immediate. The biggest american city, which hosts 1.1 million students […]

The fastest growing OTC drugs in pharmacy 2020

Hamburg (ots) – For the fourth time in a row, the specialist magazine ‘Healthcare Marketing (’ and the market research company DatamedIQ ( and Insight Health (!/) determine the OTC growth champions in the pharmacy. In 2020 Ratiopharm will again be one of the most successful manufacturers in the ranking. Among the most successful preparations […]

High Internet Needs, by.U Prepare Attractive Solutions – Based on data from We Are Social entitled “Global Digital Reports 2020”, nearly 64% of Indonesia’s population is currently connected to the internet. This data is also balanced with the results of a survey conducted by the Alvara Research Center showing that public spending on internet needs in 2020 reached 8.1 percent, up […]

Gregory Page: One Hell Of A Memory |

Gregory Page – One Hell Of A Memory. Bildrechte: Munich Records It’s one of the most beautiful albums this fall. Gregory Pages One Hell Of Memory is a rich ray of light in the middle of gray November with lockdown, contact restrictions and a closed cultural scene. A wonderful work from the first to the […]

Veniamin Mandrykin now, photo, accident, CSKA goalkeeper

Veniamin Mandrykin is one of the brightest goalkeepers of the 2000s in the Russian championship. Was the first number of CSKA, played for the Russian national team, became the best goalkeeper in the country. Now Benjamin is 39 years old, in theory he could still calmly dust somewhere in the FNL or PFL. However, ten […]

“I love to score, but I am also glad to have a great assist – my partner only has to roll into the empty spaces.” Chalov on goals and leadership of CSKA

Last weekend CSKA defeated Rostov for the first time in three years and consolidated its leadership in the Russian championship standings. The goal, which removed all the questions in the match, scored Fyodor Chalov Is his first field goal in the current RPL draw. In this championship, the top scorer of the 2018/2019 season specializes […]

Social. Over 1,000 slum evictions in 2020

Since November 1, 2019, at least 1,079 evictions so-called living spaces “Informal” – slums, squats …– took place in mainland France, between “Admission of failure” authorities in the face of poor housing and ” bullying “ fragile populations, according to the report of a group of associations. According to this report published on Monday, drawn […]