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DMH is the parent company of the Start holding, which includes the video service and studio of the same name, as well as the distributor of All Media. According to SPARK, 23.75% of DMH each belong to the founders of the production group Yellow, Black and White Denis Zhalinsky, Eduard Iloyan, Alexei Trotsyuk and Vitaly […]

The WHO reported the low effectiveness of the drug for coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

The study found that the experimental drug used to treat Donald Trump did not increase the chances of surviving COVID-19 patients. WHO reported in July that remdesivir reduces the likelihood of hospitalization Photo: Ted S. Warren / AP Treatment of coronavirus infection with the experimental drug remdesivir does not significantly affect patient mortality. This is […]

The doctor explained the link between vitamin D and coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Vitamin D, the lack of which is observed in Russia in the autumn, helps to strengthen the immune system, and therefore, to resist coronavirus infection, noted doctor and TV presenter Sergei Malozemov in an interview with Sputnik radio. A lack of vitamin D significantly worsens the prognosis for COVID-19 disease, Malozemov said, citing scientists. “It’s […]