Palma, New York or Bangkok: THIS day is the cheapest to travel | life & knowledge

The first signs of spring are already noticeable, the first grills are being taken out of the shed. We are slowly adjusting to pleasant temperatures! In line with this, one or the other is already planning the trip for the upcoming summer holidays. However, as airfares have gone through the roof in recent years, getting […]

Christmas: traffic jams threaten – when you should drive according to ADAC

Traffic ADAC: Traffic jams at Christmas – When is the best time to drive 20.12.2022, 16:08 | Reading time: 3 minutes Christmas fundraiser on the ski slope Christmas fundraiser on the ski slope Several hundred skiers and snowboarders dressed up as Santa Clauses took part in a fundraiser for the local food bank in the […]

Only 4% of flu patients in Plovdiv schools

Only 4 percent are sick children in educational institutions in Plovdiv. Indeed, there are classes in which 5-10 children are left, but the general picture is not like that, said Deputy Mayor for Education Stefan Stoyanov, referring to data from the Regional Health Inspection. As “Maritsa” reported earlier, up-to-date references were requested from the directors […]

It’s vacation! Divine names attract for health

Today we honor Venerable Theodosius the Great (424-529). In 650 he founded a monastery which still bears his name and is located 7 km from Jerusalem. He came into this world as a gift of Providence. In a cave in the desert of Bethlehem he devoted himself to prayer and abstinence. He was the first […]

BCL Holidays with children in Japan, 5 last portraits of Noah make you shiver

parenting Instagram | Haibunda Monday 09 January 2023 19:20 WIB Bunga Citra Lestari invites her only son, Noah, on a vacation to Japan, Mother. How is the compact portrait of the two of them, huh? Check it out here, come on! Bunga Citra Lestari is on vacation with her son, Noah Sinclair, Mother. Japan was […]

The music scene doesn’t go on vacation to Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires music scene doesn’t go on vacation and propose a variety of proposals which faithfully represent the traditional diversity that Buenos Aires has in its different scenarios. Popular music, tango, blues and jazz express the different projects that make this city a true cultural beacon. Among the proposals, the concerts of Pedro Aznar, […]

Manglingi Style Momo Geisha on vacation, veiled appearance like a Dubai woman

Photo: Instagram/@therealmomogeisha Jakarta – Like most Indonesian celebrities, Momo Geisha also chooses to spend her holidays traveling abroad. This year he and his family have chosen Dubai as their holiday destination. Through her personal Instagram account, Momo seems to be sharing moments when she was in Dubai with her family. One of the photos that […]

Today is Epiphany, one of the biggest Christian holidays…

Jordan Day, or Epiphany, is one of the biggest Christian holidays. On this day, John the Baptist baptizes Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. After the sacrament of the Epiphany, people saw with their own eyes the Christian trinity of the Father (voice), the Spirit (dove perched on Christ’s shoulder) and the Son (earthly man) […]