For the Artigas Chair of the UNLP, MERCOSUR was absent in the pandemic

Within the framework of the “Mayan Festivities” organized by the Patriotic Committee and the Canelones Commune of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay regarding a new commemoration of the “Battle of Las Piedras”, the José G. Artigas Free Chair for Integration of the UNLP, gave the present through its director, Jorge Neck and its attachment Ricardo Ferrer Picado, who spoke about the “Future of Regional Integration” and it was proposed to resume the Seminars related to reflecting on integration in an artiguite and constructivist key, that is, thought under the vectors of multidimensionality, multilateralism, multiculturalism, federalism, subsidiarity and democracy “.

During the presentation, Ricardo Ferrer Picado reflected on the opportunity generated by crises to propose alternatives that give Mercosur an innovative leap to reduce the gap between its institutions and its constituencies, given the lesson of the European Union after the “Brexi” e “To insist on the direct link between recovery and distribution, which should result from an expansion of opportunities to achieve social recomposition, with more and better economic and educational opportunities, arising from institutional innovation with inclusive and sustainable capacities, instead of anachronistic ones, extractive and unsustainable tax transfer and subsidy programs, which only serve to respond for short periods ”.

Sustainable integration must be driven by free and entrepreneurial citizens, who undoubtedly, had been promoted, could have reconciled, and generated collaborative synergies from knowledge, the public sector and entrepreneurs, to respond, investigate, elaborate and distribute vaccines against Covid 19.

Mercosur, despite having tools to spare, was and is an absent actor in this pandemic that stripped the member states, who not only could not coordinate the operation of borders, but also faced the challenge of generating different speeds in the face of the promising agreement With the EU, they have opted for inertias as anachronistic as they are reactionary, to cover up their nationalism, instead of deepening integration to be proactive and competitive as a bloc.



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