Such transportations are not subject to sanctions / GORDON

Earlier on Thursday, Radio Slobodna Evropa reported, citing the Hungarian Defense Ministry, that An-124 transported two MiG-29 fighters to Serbia from Belarus, which is under European Union sanctions, and on May 16 made an emergency landing in Budapest. “Antonov Airlines operated this flight on the basis of a signed contract, in compliance with all international […]

AN-124 Ruslan when landing rolled over the edge of the strip

Фото: The Aviation Herald In Brazil, the AN-124 rolled out of the runway When landing in Brazil, the AN-124 aircraft crossed the edge of the runway and stopped the front landing gear on soft ground. At the Brazilian airport of Sao Paulo today, May 12, while landing, the transport aircraft AN-124 Ruslan of Antonov Airlines […]

Giant! Antonov Cargo Plane Lands in Yogyakarta

KOMPAS.TV – A giant cargo plane, Antonov, landed at Yogyakarta International Airport, Kulon Progo. The Antonov is one of the largest cargo planes in the world. One of the largest cargo planes in the world, Antonov, successfully landed at Yogyakarta International Airport. This aircraft previously flew from Sultan Ismail Airport, Malaysia. This is the first […]