Carlos Molinero is the new president of the ALMA scriptwriters union

The screenwriters union of Spain (ALMA) held its ordinary annual meeting last Friday at the Madrid headquarters of the Film Academy. This year coincided with the elections to the union’s board of directors, whose members are elected for a biannual period. The new board will be chaired by Carlos Molinero, who takes over from Alberto […]

Price of the egg. In Rennes, Breton producers block access to Carrefour Alma

Bis repeated, or almost. Like last week, egg farmers invited themselves to Carrefour Alma reindeer, to demand a fairer remuneration for their production, given the increase in the price of cereals on which they feed their hens. They charge at least 1 cent more per egg. In Rennes, Breton producers are blocking access to Carrefour […]

Something dies in the soul

A similar sentiment is reflected in the song that the military sung before the Prayer touch sounds (this touch serves to honor all those who preceded us in the line of duty with the Homeland). In this case, the term used is partner: ”…… for a lost partner ……”After the death of Mari Carmen on […]

The exercises to lose weight that you should do once you are over 40

Many people believe that regular exercise is the solution for all health problems, even those related to natural aging process. Of course, it is an irreversible effect that we are all bound to go through sooner or later. However, there are certain types of workouts that can prevent the most typical diseases derived from the […]

check the result of yesterday’s draw on Saturday August 22, 2020

22/08/2020 21:29 – Updated: 08/23/2020 03:03 The lucky combination of the Primitiva corresponding to this Saturday, August 22, is formed by the numbers 10, 12, 14, 31, 33, 40, the complementary 8 and the refund 3. For his part, the Joker has relapsed into the number 5222218. In tonight’s draw you can get 6.600.000 euros, […]

Three ways to speed up your metabolism to get fit and lose weight

When it comes to losing weight, everyone thinks that it only takes a lot of willpower, do strenuous physical exercise and deprive yourself of rich and nutritious foods. But this does not guarantee anything either, since in the end each body is a world, and it will be better for some to focus on one […]

Exercising (even just walking) reduces the risk of sleep apnea

Canadian and Australian researchers have conducted a study, the largest to date, in which they state that increased physical activity is associated with a lower risk of obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleep-related respiratory disorder. The researchers reviewed the medical, lifestyle, sociodemographic, and sleep health data collected from more than 155,000 adults who participated in […]

The easiest and most effective exercise to combat anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders among the Spanish population. Almost all of us have suffered or will suffer an episode in the coming years. The stress generated by everyday life, Now increased by the exceptional situation we entered after the coronavirus pandemic, it continues to affect many, many adult people in […]