Universal contagion | Burgos Daily News

I cannot help but express myself confused and disturbed in the midst of the evolution of this already sixth wave of the pandemic, in which the collusion between omicron, delta, and who knows if some other variant of the virus, still unnamed, is squeezing us. Bullets whistle nearby, says a friend of mine. And it […]

The Provincial Council of Burgos launches a new theater cycle for 14 groups

The Provincial Council is going to launch a new series of theater exclusively for Burgos groups, in which already established actors will converge with others of an amateur nature, with the double objective of promoting these companies and invigorating the cultural life of the towns during the winter and spring months, precisely the season during […]

School swimming pool in Hüls is to be demolished

December 16, 2021 at 6:56 am Excitement in the Luise Leven School : School swimming pool in Hüls is to be demolished The swimming pool at the Luise Leven School is in need of renovation. The LVR has decided to demolish it. Photo: Andreas Bischof Krefeld The demolition of the teaching swimming pool of the […]

Adif puts out to tender the suppression of the Carpio level crossing at 3.3 million

Adif approved the tender for the construction project to suppress the Carpio (Valladolid) level crossing, located at kilometer 21/297 of the Medina del Campo-Salamanca line, for an amount of 3.3 million euros (VAT included). With this action, all the level crossings that were located in the 76 kilometers of length of the railway line will […]

Credits without interest from the Provincial Cooperation Fund of Palencia

The Provincial Council offers city councils, neighborhood councils and associations of rural areas the possibility of requesting loans from the Provincial Cooperation Fund to finance works or investments undertaken by local entities with programs such as Provincial Plans, the Local Cooperation Fund, regional plans. and the like. In the current situation of low rates, the […]

Carmelo Gómez, love for the theater

He broke with the cinema in 2005 with The method, And since then, Carmelo Gómez has lived “happily and calmly” on stage, a task that he combines with teaching. “The theater rejuvenates me, turns me into a young being, less and less attached to the search for security that this time imposes on you,” he […]

Spotify expands its catalog of audiobooks with Findaway

The music platform in streaming Spotify has redoubled its commitment to expand its audio content and has announced the acquisition of the Findaway audiobook service, with which it will expand this type of content in its catalog. Both platforms have reached a definitive purchase agreement that is expected to close in the last quarter of […]

The VMP association of Burgos sees the idea of ​​compulsory insurance well

The new Traffic regulations that came into force at the beginning of this year contemplates a regulation of the so-called Personal Mobility Vehicles. Some rules of the game that the user groups themselves, but also from local administrations, have indicated that it is not very ambitious. Perhaps because it only establishes a starting point, but […]

Unemployment and labor fragility raise the age of emancipation to 40 years in Burgos

Endemic unemployment, job insecurity and difficult access to finance have raised the age threshold for economically dependent young people to 40 years. The first job is no longer equivalent to the first home for rent and less for ownership. Moreover, it will be necessary to chain many temporary contracts over time to be able to […]