EA remakes Dead Space

In connection with a new EA Play event, the game publisher EA revealed that they are working on a remake of the acclaimed horror action game Dead Space. The remake is developed by EA Motive (Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars: Squadrons) and comes to Playstation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. EA […]

Ukrainian miners used the 3800 PS4 to “farm” rare FIFA 2021 cards

Through a neural network system, the computers controlled the bots on the consoles. remember the Ukrainians mining with 3,800 PlayStation 4 using cat on electricity? So, it turns out that this telenovela won a new chapter, I would say, unexpected. The miners were “farmando” rare players do FIFA 2021 for then, resell the accounts stuffed […]

New Battlefield 2042 mode will bring classic maps to the game

DICE hints at what’s to come on EA Play Live 2021’s first panel A SHE started your EA Play Live 2021 with the smaller events called EA Play Live Spotlights. Starting with the first panel titled “The Future of FPS”, developers of DICE discussed about Battlefield 2042 and gave more some information about a new […]

Dead Space: New part could be announced today

As early as last year there were rumors that another Dead Space title was just around the corner. British writer Antony Johnston spoke up and announced that he has been working on a new video game for two years. However, this did not come true. According to Jeff Grubb, an editor at VentureBeat, the release […]

What other company could you buy?

It seems that Disney is very happy with the purchases of companies that it made, since rumors have no longer been heard about possible purchases from the house of the mouse. And it is that already with franchises as big as Star Wars, Marvel and even The Simpsons, it is obvious that they have a […]

EA Games Investigate Hackers Stealing FIFA 21 Game Data

Suara.com – Developer game Electronic Arts (SHE) is investigating the case hack data that happened a few days ago, where some source code (source code) and other tools were stolen. Currently, they have cooperated with law enforcement and other experts to investigate the case data leak ongoing, as reported NDTV, Sunday (13/6/2021). The game publisher […]

EA hires former Call of Duty CEO to work on Battlefield

Electronic Arts has its sights set on the growth of the saga Battlefield. For this, the firm has carried out the first steps to prepare the new chapter of this IP of war action: it has hired the former general director of Call of Duty, Byron Beede, to get in front of this property. In […]

EA Will Release Mobile Version Battlefield Game in 2022

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Gym series Battlefield artificial SHE (Electonic Arts) which is released on the console and PC platforms is rumored to be coming to the device mobile. Shown as one franchise genre game shooting most popular in the world, Battlefield version mobile will debut on smartphone and tablets by 2022. The game was developed […]

A detailed comparison of the remastered Mass Effect trilogy

The remastered trilogy of the first three parts of Mass Effect from BioWare will be released 14. 5. this year on old and new generation computers and consoles. BioWare, of course, entices to experience the interesting story of Captain Shepard and his retinue, but now offers fans the opportunity take a close look at the […]