Scientists have discovered bacteria that eat a nail in three days

Photo: A nail and a screw in a jar of metal-eating bacteria Microorganisms that feed on metals can help combat industrial pollution. Chilean biotechnologist Nadak Reales has found a way to deal with mining waste by discovering bacteria that can eat a nail in three days. This is reported by the site As […]

Pandora Papers in Latin America: who shows up, who is investigated?

Santiago et. al. The revelations of the so-called “Pandora Papers” also affect many Latin American countries and incumbent presidents such as Sebastían Piñera (Chile), Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador) and Luis Abinader (Dominican Republic). But also former presidents or current members of the government such as the Brazilian Minister of Economic Affairs or the Mexican Minister of […]

Xbox cuts the price of Game Pass and Live Gold in Chile, Hong Kong and Israel

Microsoft lower the price Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, and Xbox Live Gold in Chile, Hong Kong and Israel, as reported VentureBeat and VGC. Subscribers will be informed via email this Wednesday, September 29. The cost of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will stay around 9 euros to change in […]

Covid-19 vaccines | Peru is the fourth country in Latin America with the least vaccinated teachers | Teachers | Reopening of schools | Face-to-face classes | Unicef ​​| Latin America | COVID-19 | ECData | PERU

According to the criteria of Know more On September 23, Hernando Cevallos, Minister of Health, assured that by the end of this month 80% of teachers will be vaccinated and that at the end of November they would begin to immunize minors under 18 years of age in order to speed up the deadlines for […]

Accelerating the adoption of the Circular Economy in Latin America – El Financiero

As the climate crisis accelerates due to the loss of biodiversity, the increase in waste and the scarcity of resources, the concept of “circular economy” has taken on great relevance, as it fosters great opportunities for economic growth and sustainable development in Latin America. The circular economy proposes an approach that allows stimulating more sustainable […]

Good Morning America: 09/23/2021

On the program today, September 23, the UN General Assembly in New York continues and in parallel there are events to address migration and climate change issues. This and other news from the United States and Latin America in Good Morning America, a program of the Voice of America. .

Good Morning America: 09/16/2021

On today’s show, September 16, the White House kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting Latino members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet. This and other news from the United States and Latin America in Good Morning America, a program of the Voice of America. .