Four years in prison for raping a sleeping roommate in Ibiza

a A young Serb yesterday accepted a four-year prison sentence for rape to a roommate in Ibiza, taking advantage of the fact that she was sleeping soundly, had taken sleeping pills. The 30-year-old defendant acknowledged the facts in a hearing held at the Palma Provincial Court after reaching an agreement with the prosecution. The events […]

Obesity can decrease life expectancy by between 5 and 20 years

Saturday, November 27, 2021, 09:00 San Roque University Hospitals has the Overweight and Obesity Unit with a large and experienced medical team and the latest surgical techniques. Obesity is a disease that is a risk factor for other diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Breast cancer, especially hormone receptor-positive postmenopausal cancer, has been […]

Those under 65 with any risk condition can now request an appointment for the flu vaccine

Flu Vaccine in Seniors JAIME GALINDO The Aragonese under 65 who have any risk condition You can now request an appointment for the flu vaccine through the application and the website of Health Inform. The people for whom this immunization is indicated are those with chronic diseases cardiovascular, neurological O respiratory; diabetes, morbid obesity, disease […]

English Arsenal sign a four-year-old boy

Zayn Ali Sayman poses with Arsenal legend Per Mertesacker. / INSTAGRAM Londoners seize Zayn Ali Sayman, the world’s earliest signing In the world of sports it is common to see how records are broken over time. However, the one that was broken this Thursday is implausible. Arsenal, a London football club, has acquired the services […]

The Tagoro volcano turns ten years old

Until the outbreak of September 19 in the Cumbre Vieja area, the Tagoro eruption, in the waters of El Hierro, was listed as the last eruptive episode recorded in the Archipelago. And precisely today marks a decade since the beginning of a singular process of underwater volcanism that took place, paradoxically, in the Mar de […]

Actress Pilar Doce dies at 87

The actress has passed away sweet pillar (Léon, 1933), who shared the stage with Pilar Delgado, at the Teatro de la Ribera, after his return to the stage at the age of 53, around 1987, with ‘Blood Wedding’. Platform of Actresses for the Scene named her her godmother and was one of the four honored […]

Chronology of the early years of cinema in Malaga

The ‘Mercantile Union’ announced the arrival shortly of a “marvelous device” that obtains the “reproduction of animated photography, by means of projections of almost natural size”. The first tests of the ‘Werner Kinetograph’ are carried out on the ground floor of the Hotel Victoria, at number 9 Calle Larios, before a small number .