Safia Al-Omari Returns to the Spotlight: Cover Shoot and Women of Elegance Forum

Cairo – Muhammad Ibrahim –

The star, Safia Al-Omari, photographed a cover for an Arab magazine after an absence of 23 years. The last cover she photographed was “Al-Kawakib,” and the photo session was titled “Safia’s Eyes.”

Photo session details:

The photo session took two months of preparation.

Safiya Al-Omari’s participation in the Women of Elegance Forum:

Next Friday, the activities of the “Ladies of Elegance Forum” will begin in its ninth session under the title Woman in Black, whose activities will be held for the first time in Egypt after the success achieved by its eight sessions between the Emirates and Sudan.

This was with the participation of a group of fashion designers and the presence of Bossi Shalabi, Safiya Al-Omari, and a meeting with Suwaidan, Nihal Anbar, and others.

Zainab Al-Nour, Sudanese fashion designer, Goodwill Ambassador for Sudan, and organizer of the event, said: It is expected that about 10 pieces will be presented during this day that revolve around a story about the heritage of each country participating in the show, which includes Egypt, the Emirates, and Sudan, and it also includes a variety of Sudanese heritage and what distinguishes it. It includes perfumes, beauty, hair and other fields related to the world of women.

Zainab Al-Nour added: During the event, a jury will choose a lady of elegance from the audience and a prize presented by the Opera House.

It is noteworthy that the sixth session of the Women of Elegance Forum was revived by the Emirati artist Balqis in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, who spoke about Sudanese heritage and wore the Sudanese dress for the first time.

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