Jafza contributes 50% to the volume of electronics trade in Dubai

Dubai – Mubasher: The volume of trade in electronics and home appliances in 2021 in the Emirate of Dubai reached 2.7 million tons, with a value of more than 347 billion dirhams.

Dubai’s strong infrastructure enhances its commercial position to help meet local and regional sales demands for e-commerce platforms, according to Al Khaleej newspaper.

The Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) alone contributed in 2021, facilitating the trade of 1.4 million tons of electronic products, with a value of more than 147 billion dirhams, or more than 50% of the total volume of electronic commerce to Dubai, and over 40% of the value of e-commerce trading in this sector.

One of the most important advantages of the electronics sector in Jafza is the fact that over 26% of its companies belong to the United Arab Emirates.

The proximity of the free zone to the port of Jebel Ali ensures a multimodal commercial link to a strong distribution network through more than 1,300 companies located in more than 80 countries.

This network improves highly capable logistics facilities, which help complete customs clearance operations faster with greater control over the handling of goods for customers, reducing the time it takes to fulfill sales orders and gaining an added benefit for consumers who they will receive their goods faster.

The spread of Metaverse applications will help fuel the transformation of the growing consumer electronics sector and the commerce sector in general to make it possible to sell virtual or real goods through virtual stores.

is reached Free Zone of Jebel Ali “Jafza” Significant growth of its commercial activity, which reached a total value of 454.7 billion dirhams (123.8 billion dollars), up 19 percent over the course of 2021, compared to 382.8 billion dirhams achieved in 2020..

Jafza attributed this growth mainly to the steady increase in the number of companies registered in Jafza, which was 18.6% in 2021, bringing the total number to over 9,000 companies.

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