A mother has to hide her child while giving him insulin in kindergarten

Discrimination report in Asylum. A mother of a diabetic child says she is forced to hide her child from other children while she injects him with insulin “to avoid traumatizing them.” Anelia Naydenova injects her three-year-old son with insulin five times a day. So far you have met with understanding among the kindergarten staff, but […]

Zelensky makes sure that Ukraine will not participate in the Bali G20 if Putin comes

Jakarta – The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky he said his country would not participate in the summit G20 future. This is done if Russian President Vladimir Put in present in Bali. Reported by AFP, on Friday (4/11/2022) Zelensky’s statement was made at a press conference with Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou in Kiev on Thursday […]

Running out of power, NASA’s spacecraft on Mars will stop working

“The spacecraft’s power output continues to decline as wind-borne dust on its solar panels thickens. The team took steps to continue with the remaining force for as long as possible, “NASA officials wrote. SpaceFriday (4/11/2022). InSight rides are expected to stop working in the coming weeks. InSight landed in November 2018, with a mission to […]

The feared stalker would kill her and her daughter – VG

FEAR FOR LIFE: Actress Claire Foy says she struggles to sleep after a man stalked her for a year. Here during the London Film Festival in October. Photo: NEIL HALL / EPA A man in his forties appeared in court in England this week after being charged with stalking actress Claire Foy for a year. […]

The request could not be fulfilled

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Hyundai Ioniq 6: prices announced

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 Sara orderable in Italy starting Wednesday November 9through the opening of the pre-sale on the Hyundai Click to Buy platform dedicated to the purchase of cars online. Subsequently, the order process can be finalized starting December 1st in all Hyundai dealerships. To reward customers who have signed up for the Be […]

The provocation of North Korea and the confrontation of the joint exercise between South Korea and the United States “Kangdaegang” … the invisible solution

The defense of South Korea and the United States “agrees on the need to expand joint exercises in the face of North Korean provocations”North Korea provokes SRBM after mentioning “Vigilant Storm extension is wrong”South Korea and the United States reject the deployment of permanent nuclear and strategic tactical assets on the Korean PeninsulaOn North Korea’s […]