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The feared stalker would kill her and her daughter – VG

FEAR FOR LIFE: Actress Claire Foy says she struggles to sleep after a man stalked her for a year. Here during the London Film Festival in October.

A man in his forties appeared in court in England this week after being charged with stalking actress Claire Foy for a year.


Among other things, the man is said to have sent over 1,000 emails to the actor’s secretary from February 2021 to February 2022, one of which allegedly was about rape.

Several American media outlets have mentioned the case, including Evening standard And The independent.

Claire Foy is best known for her role as Queen Elizabeth in the first two seasons of the popular and award-winning Netflix series “The Crown”.

AWARDED: Claire Voy won an Emmy in 2018 for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

– Are out

In December of last year, the man allegedly appeared at the actor’s home and repeatedly rang the bell. When he rang the doorbell, it was Foy’s seven-year-old daughter who answered the intercom. The man is said to have said:

– It’s me, I’m out.

The incident is said to have made the actress fear for her safety and that she felt terrified and helpless in her own home.

According to prosecutor Varinder Hayre, the man also contacted Foy’s sister and ex-girlfriend.

– Foy was terrified because she didn’t know what the intention was. She feared for her own life and that of her daughter.

Hayre told the court that the actress was the victim of the man’s persistent, unwanted fixed and compulsive behavior, which was intrusive due to the man’s obsessions.

The man believed that Foy was in love with him and that she wanted to star in a movie he claimed to have plans to make.

Struggling to sleep

The man is accused of “persecution with grave alarm or distress”, which carries a prison sentence of ten years.

Before the sentence was issued, the medical report was prepared.

The man’s advocate, Moira MacFarlane, denies that the man threatened Foy with rape.

– It was misrepresented in the papers that he had threatened Foy with rape, and it never was. He was referring to rape, according to The Independent.

The actor did not appear in court, but wrote in a letter that the stalking was traumatizing.

Accidents led her to struggle to sleep. It is said that she also asked her friends not to tag her in the photos on social networks, for fear that the man could trace his whereabouts.

– I do not feel that there is anything that prevents him from being able to contact me, it has influenced every aspect of my life.

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