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A mother has to hide her child while giving him insulin in kindergarten

Discrimination report in Asylum. A mother of a diabetic child says she is forced to hide her child from other children while she injects him with insulin “to avoid traumatizing them.”

Anelia Naydenova injects her three-year-old son with insulin five times a day. So far you have met with understanding among the kindergarten staff, but not yesterday.

“An observation was made to hide it during the insulin injection. They said this is not a medical facility and there are parents who don’t like this happening in front of their children,” said Anelia Naidenova.

The director of kindergarten confirm what happened.

“The problem is that the children are very young, from 2 and a half to 3 years old, it is not possible to explain to them exactly what is happening. We prefer that they stay away from the children, not that they are taken out. This is not discrimination, but we ask. only understanding, “said director Snezhina Misheva.

Ekaterina is the mother of a diabetic child and the administrator of a kindergarten group. In her opinion, such a case is not a precedent.

“The most common problem is during the preliminary interview of our children: access to a daycare is denied because the directors say there is no qualified staff,” said Ekaterina Simeonova, member of the IC for the education of quality and innovative.

The lawyers point out that parents can choose to give insulin to their sick children or have it done by the staff of the facility, but only if they are trained. About 2,000 children suffer from diabetes in Bulgaria.

Anelia’s son will soon be using an insulin pump. Until then, she will inject it, covertly or not.

“May they be more tolerant of us,” Anelia urged.

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