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The Lebanese parliament does not respond to Aoun’s “last request”

Refusal to withdraw Mikati’s post … and to place him in the “keeper”

The Lebanese parliament did not respond to former President Michel Aoun’s “last request”, refusing to respond to his message calling on deputies to withdraw the mandate of President Najib Mikati, although this mandate fell at the end of Aoun’s mandate. midnight last Monday.

Parliament found that this request requires an amendment to the constitution, in turn rejecting Aoun’s questioning, in his letter to Parliament last Sunday, on the ability of the Mikati government to assume the powers of the president (according to the text of the constitution). like a resigned government. Parliament affirmed Mikati inviting the government to conduct business, justifying it with “the will of the parliament not to enter into new constitutional and constitutional crises, and in order to guarantee stability in a complex and dangerous economic, financial and social phase that requires give priority to the work of the institutions “. In a recommendation issued after its meeting yesterday, in the presence of Mikati, the Parliament stressed the “need to move forward according to the constitutional principles of the Prime Minister designated to carry out his functions as a provisional government”.

The session was characterized by an intense discussion and debate between Mikati and the deputy Gebran Bassil, son-in-law of President Aoun. Bassil stressed that “there was today a recognition by everyone that the government can no longer meet if an emergency situation does not occur with the approval of all the components. .

Parliament president Nabih Berri had asked for a new session dedicated to the election of a president, the fifth, after four failed sessions. He said: “It won’t go a week without there being a session of parliament to elect a president starting next week, but I hope the story doesn’t turn into a show because we have held 4 sessions and turned into a mockery. , so I said I was going to do something about the dialogue. “
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