The World Fights for the US Dollar, China Even Throws It Away!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The issue of scarcity of the United States (US) dollar does not only occur in Indonesia, but in the world. As a result, many countries are fighting over it, but on the other hand, China is even more keen to “throw away” US dollars. This was done to reduce dependence on […]

BI Expected to Stop Raising Interest Rates! Happy or Beware?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Market participants are starting to expect Bank Indonesia (BI) to loosen its aggressive monetary policy by holding its benchmark interest rate this month. BI will hold a Board of Governors Meeting (RDG) on Wednesday and Thursday (18-19 January 2023). Collected market consensus CNBC Indonesia divided between those projecting an increase in […]

The Bright Light Arrives! The Fed Could Cut Interest Rates In July

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The good news has finally arrived, inflation in the United States (US) has continued to show a decline in recent months. Market participants are also increasingly confident that the US central bank (The Fed) will relax the rate of increase in interest rates. UBS chief economist, Arend Kapteyn, even predicts the […]

New York Stock Exchange: Dow Jones Closes 216.96 Points | RYT9

The Dow Jones New York Stock Exchange closed higher on Thursday (Jan. 12) after the US reported a slowdown in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in December. This will be a factor that encourages the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to accelerate in raising interest rates. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 34,189.97 points, up […]

Tonight, is the news from America joy or disaster?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Inflation data released by the United States (US) on Thursday (12/1/2022) tonight has become the top concern since the beginning of the year. Understandably, rising price data can be an indicator that determines US central bank (Fed) interest rates. Reuters poll results show it is based on inflation Consumer price index […]

US citizens hated and politicians attacked, I’m sorry the Fed doesn’t care

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Jerome Powell, president of the central bank of the United States (USA), also known as the Federal Reserve (the Fed), underlined his commitment to continue raising its key interest rate. This is still done even though US citizens don’t like it. As known throughout 2022, the Fed raised interest rates by […]

Businesses are switching to euro loans

“The share of foreign currency loans in business lending has been increasing gradually since the middle of last year, when domestic interest rates started to rise. By the end of last year, it has already reached almost 46 percent, which is a new record, while in mid-2021 it was around 32 percent,” Jakub Seidler, chief […]