(Notes) Thai stock market outlook: Index morning trend sideways swing – upward | RYT9

Mr.Thanomsak Saharatchai Assistant Managing Director and Head of Research, Asset Management Co., Ltd.Krung Thai Seamico Said that the Thai stock market overall this morning is likely to be a sideway upward swing after the meeting.Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) Has a fixed resolutionInterest rateShort-term at the level 0.00-0.25%, with indicating that FedWill continue to use every […]

Dow jump more than 100 points due to Fed meeting, progress to stimulate ERA | RYT9

DowMore than 100 points jumped today in response to the meeting results.Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) As well as the progress of the issueEconomic stimulus measuresUnited States As of 9:40 p.m. Thai time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 30,319.70 points, positive 165.16 points or 0.55%. The Fed unanimously maintained short-term interest rates at 0.00-0.25% at […]

Get in debt now, it will be worse, banks whisper. Mortgages are extremely cheap

It is almost certain that the mortgage market will break the record this year. Not enough is enough, and in the volume of loans provided, the target from 2016, when people borrowed 225.8 billion crowns for housing, will tear. Interest in mortgages is also increased by low interest rates, which fall below two percent. Bankers […]

BI interest is already 3.75%, KPR is still suffocating

Jakarta – The mortgage interest rate (KPR) is said to be too high. This happened because banks found it difficult to keep up with the decline in the Bank Indonesia (BI) benchmark interest rate that had taken place since mid last year. Economists assess that currently banks have received a large margin from loan interest, […]

Surprise! BI Cut Reference Flowers To 3.75%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bank Indonesia (BI) decided to lower the benchmark interest rate. This is beyond the expectations of market participants. On Thursday (19/11/2020), the November 2020 edition of the BI Board of Governors decided to lower the BI 7 Day Reverse Repo Rate by 25 basis points (bps) to 3.75%. Meanwhile, the Deposit […]

The Central Bank decides to reduce interest rates on deposits and lending by 0.5%

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Egypt decided, at the end of its meeting Thursday evening, to reduce both the overnight deposit and lending rate and the central bank’s main operation rate by 50 points. The Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank decided Al-Masry in their meeting on Thursday the same […]

Economic activity has been more robust since August than previously thought

“Economic activity has been more resilient than previously thought, domestically and internationally, since August,” said Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) Governor Adrian Orr, speaking at the press conference following the monetary policy decision on Wednesday. More quotes “Inflation and employment have long been below target.” “We expect banks to lend responsibly and avoid undue […]