Kovanda: Cheers for the crown. It remains strong against the euro and the dollar

The krona strengthened against the euro on Monday morning to its strongest level since 2008, and it also strengthened significantly against the dollar. He is helped by the post-covid boom in Chinese and Asian markets and the prospects of a weakening dollar, writes economist Lukáš Kovanda in his commentary. During trading this morning, the Czech … Read more

Situation of the New York Stock Exchange: Dow Jones closes at 700 points | RYT9

The Dow Jones New York Stock Exchange closed more than 2% higher on Friday (January 6) in response to its nonfarm payrolls report. Including the US service sector index. This indicates that inflation has passed its peak. And it will be a support factor for the Federal Reserve (Fed) to slow down the rate hike. … Read more

The price of gold futures barely moved. Strong pressure on the dollar market | RYT9

The price of gold futures barely moved. under the pressure of the dollar’s appreciation which will reduce the attractiveness of gold Making gold contracts more expensive for holders of other currencies. The market is also being affected by expectations that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will continue to raise interest rates. Though the US released the … Read more

Thai stock market: DELTA trend fluctuates in the morning | RYT9

Mr. Kitichan Sirisucharcha, senior vice president of retail securities analysis department CGS-CIMB Securities (Thailand) said the Thai stock market this morning was volatile. moves in both positive and negative territory There was a pressure factor from the impact of DELTA shares which fell sharply yesterday. Recently, the market capitalization fell to 2nd place after AOT, … Read more

Christine Lagarde, the mistake that will make us crash – Libero Quotidiano

Michael Zaccardi December 29, 2022 “Wall Street and the Fed failed to predict 2022.” The headline of an article in the Wall Street Journal leaves no room for doubt: the US central bank has made a mistake in calibrating its interventions. Because it believed inflation in 2021 was transitory, the Fed waited until March of … Read more

The price of bitcoin plummets, this time due to the Fed

Bitcoin price fell sharply on news that the US Federal Reserve is slowing the pace of its tight monetary policy by raising interest rates by half a percentage point, international agencies reported. The news is a clear signal to investors that the Fed will not back off its aggressive policy in 2023. The world’s largest … Read more

The Dow collapses by more than 700 points, fears the Fed hike, crushes the recession

The Dow Jones continues to fall. It recently tumbled more than 700 points after revealing that retail sales numbers plummeted more than expected. As a result, investors fear that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) move to raise interest rates will drag the US economy into a recession. As of 22:05 Thai time, the Dow Jones … Read more

The Fed raised interest rates again in an attempt to curb inflation

The Federal Reserve continued its fight against inflation by raising its benchmark interest rate at the highest level in 15 yearsreported CBS. The Federal Open Market Operations Committee voted to raise the overnight rate by half a percentage point to a target range of 4.25% to 4.5%. The Fed has raised interest rates again The … Read more