Having been a mystery for 60 years, this boy’s body has finally been identified

Saturday 10 December 2022 – 06:10 WIB Techno live – Philadelphia, United States (USA) police finally managed to identify a boy who was found dead in a box in the city Philadelphia more than 60 years does. That child, known through the generations as “Boy in the box“, has been identified as Giuseppe Augusto Zarelli. […]

15-year-old boy stabbed in Utrecht, the perpetrator is missing

buffer stock In collaboration with RTV Utrecht ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 12:15 In the Overvecht district of Utrecht, a 15-year-old boy was stabbed by a man. It happened around 8:45. The stabbing likely followed a collision between their bikes. No one has been arrested yet. After the incident, the suspect took off on a black women’s bicycle. According […]

They found the missing girl from Bollarino with signs of violence on her body

The girl from the village of Bolarino, searched for 12 hours, was found about 300 m from the house where she lives. There are signs of injuries on the baby. Coroners will determine if violence was used. The 12-year-old girl, of Syrian origin, was last seen this morning around 7 by her mother. At noon, […]

A boy was photographed next to a block in Pernik resembling the missing Alexander

In the group “Take a picture of Pernik, let everyone see it!” Daytime footage was uploaded tonight, where eyewitnesses say a boy he looks a lot like the missing 12-year-old Alexander, playing with a cat. It was shot around a block in Pernik. Photo: btvnovinite.bg The boy’s father, Alexander Tsvetanov, told bTV that he was […]

Amber Alert activated for the disappearance of Alexander of Pernik

The “Amber Alert” system has been activated about the disappearance of 12-year-old Alexander from Pernik, BNR reported. All Facebook and Instagram users within range 200 kilometers from the place of his disappearance. The publication is also in English, with a photo of little Sashko and a link with information in Bulgarian. Restored A helicopter, drones […]

A mother has to hide her child while giving him insulin in kindergarten

Discrimination report in Asylum. A mother of a diabetic child says she is forced to hide her child from other children while she injects him with insulin “to avoid traumatizing them.” Anelia Naydenova injects her three-year-old son with insulin five times a day. So far you have met with understanding among the kindergarten staff, but […]

Horrible accident: a boy in danger of his life after a fall

A 9-10 year old boy is in danger of life after falling from a height of 3 meters, he learned “Maritsa”. The accident happened last night. He was then rushed by ambulance to the UMBAL “St. George” in Plovdiv. The baby is from Karlovsko. It is still unclear where or what exactly it fell from. […]

Minnie (G) I-DLE performs live with Lauv in a Korean music show.

October 15 Minnie Mouse (G) I-DLE on stagesongwith Lauv World-class artist, ownersong “I like myself To better ”in the list Music universe 909 of JTBC broadcasts across Korea. by both singing “All 4 Nowhat (I’m so in love) “ from Lauv Together, fans praised the couple’s performance for getting along. Especially Minnie, whose voice is […]