Me Too Movement Impacts Spanish Goya Awards Ceremony and Hollywood

Me Too Movement Impacts Spanish Goya Awards Ceremony and Hollywood

The shadow of the hashtag “Me Too” accompanied the Spanish Goya Awards ceremony, which will be held this Saturday in Valladolid (Valladolid), in northwestern Spain. American actress Sigourney Weaver said on the eve of this date that the “Me Too” movement has made a “huge difference” for women “in the way we feel our right … Read more

Jordanian Actress and Fashion Designer Dana Hamdan Hospitalized Due to Sudden Health Issue

Jordanian Actress and Fashion Designer Dana Hamdan Hospitalized Due to Sudden Health Issue

The Jordanian actress and fashion designer, Dana Hamdan, was taken to the hospital after suffering a sudden health problem. The artist, Mai Selim, shared a picture of her sister lying on the hospital bed via the Instagram feature, where she showed signs of fatigue and exhaustion, and attached it to a comment: “A thousand peace … Read more

Egyptian Actress Menna Fadali Suffers Health Crisis: Possible COVID-19 Symptoms

Egyptian actress Menna Fadali revealed that she had a health crisis during the hours of last night. Fadali confirmed, through her personal account on Facebook, that she had lost the ability to breathe, explaining that the symptoms are similar to the common cold and complications from infection with the Corona virus. And she said: “Congestion … Read more

Angelina Jolie opens fashion house to support refugees

American actress Angelina Jolie has launched a fashion house called Atelier Jolie to support refugees and vulnerable groups. “I create a place for creative people to collaborate with skilled and diverse tailors, fashion designers and artisans from all over the world. Why just buy another person’s designs when you can create your own? We can … Read more

In a mini dress with a neckline: Nicole Kidman paired a bold Chanel outfit with pearls

The 55-year-old star showed off her slender legs in a mini from the French fashion house. Very soon we will find out who will take the gold statuettes in the categories “Best Actress” and “Best Actor” at the annual ceremony. “Oscar”but for now, the stars are actively attending parties on the occasion of the event. … Read more

Sudden changes for the 13th part of Bab Al-Hara.. A famous actress returns after her retirement

The makers of the Syrian series Bab Al-Hara have finished filming the scenes of the 13th season of the work, which is scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2023. In the Al-Dabaa neighborhood, the events of the new season of the series will move after it was in Al-Salihiya neighborhood during the past seasons, and … Read more

Is this a photo session or striptease? (photo)

Actress Jesse Abdo celebrated her birthday, which fell on Friday, February 17th. For the occasion, she posted pictures on her Instagram account from a recent photo session. However, Jesse’s appearance sparked a lot of controversy, as she appeared in a pink dress made of satin fabric decorated with white lace fabric, which was distinguished by … Read more

We are not all Muhammad Ramadan.. An Egyptian actress raises controversy!

Actress Sahar Rami spoke about the difficulties faced by those working in the acting profession, and she said: “People think that all artists play with money and live in palaces, but unfortunately not all of us are Muhammad Ramadan and some of us do not find money to spend on their families and homes, because … Read more