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Progress Update: Bogotá Metro’s First Line Designs Guaranteed, Consortium Confirms

The first line of the Bogotá Metro would be guaranteed, at least in what has to do with the stage of studies and designs of main details, and other studies. This was explained in a statement by the PLMB Supervisor Consortium, in charge of first-line auditing.

This is in response to what was anticipated in some reports, which indicated that The Consortium could take up to four years to deliver the studies of the work, where stagnation in the designs was also warned.

“As far as the main detail designs are concerned, these include, among others, the necessary designs for the execution of the viaduct construction works and the network transfer works, which are currently under construction,” the consortium noted.

In the official account of the Bogotá Metro, They assured that the main designs of the first line of the Bogotá metro are 100% complete.

It was indicated that in relation to the other studies and detailed designs, the delivery of the designs would be carried out in 3 stages of progress, classified as follows: “first delivery at 60% progress of the designs: This design must correspond to definitive criteria and have the final general dimensions. 100% fulfilled. Second delivery at 90% progress of the designs: this design will correspond to the final design. Final delivery at 100% progress of the designs: corresponds to the final design without observations. 68% completed, which correspond to the designs of the structures of the access buildings of the metro stations, in the absence of architecture.
The above, with a cut-off date of February 2024.”

According to the Consortium, In the month of March 2024, it achieved 74% in the final delivery progress, which represents that, during the course of this year, the Concessionaire will be able to obtain no objection to the other studies and designs.

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