Last day of strike at the railway: Patience asked again | – news

As of: 09/06/2021 9:13 a.m. Today, commuters and travelers at Deutsche Bahn have to reckon with failed train connections and delays. The five-day strike is supposed to end at 2 a.m. The union of German locomotive drivers (GDL) continues its strike unabated, it said. “The situation is unchanged, the replacement schedule has started again as […]

Rail with a new offer shortly before the strike in passenger transport | – news

Status: 09/01/2021 9:30 p.m. Train drivers have to be prepared for canceled connections and waiting times from Thursday morning. The union of German locomotive drivers (GDL) is on strike – or is it? After freight traffic was initially affected by the train drivers’ strike on Wednesday, passenger traffic should follow on Thursday from 2 a.m. […]

Strike: Deutsche Bahn announces restrictions on regional traffic | – news

Status: 08/22/2021 7:00 p.m. The train drivers’ union GDL will extend its strikes to passenger transport from Monday. The wage dispute has massive effects on rail traffic in Lower Saxony. For Lower Saxony and Bremen, the railway expects “major restrictions in regional traffic”, as the group writes on its website. You are trying to maintain […]

The shutdown of car production affected by the lack of chips is coming to an end

Because the company, like other automakers, was facing a global shortage of semiconductors – the supply of chips for cars was affected by the coronavirus outage of production in Asia – it had to reduce its own production more than originally expected. The current shortcoming (these were not the first problems of this type) was […]

What do you need a corona vaccination for in the future – SWR news

Several federal states are increasing the pressure to give vaccinated people more rights than unvaccinated people. “This is not the exclusion of the non-vaccinated, but a restoration of the constitutional rights of the fully vaccinated,” said Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) in the ZDF summer interview. Stadium visits and overnight stays in hotels may […]

Russia has limited flights to the Crimea and the Black Sea

Photo: Russia continues large-scale exercises, including in Crimea Restrictions on flights over part of the peninsula and the sea were introduced for four days – until Sunday. Russia announced the introduction of restrictions on flights over part of the Crimea and the Black Sea from April 20 to 24. This is stated in the […]