Knife attack on a train in Germany: two dead, seven injured

“It’s absolutely terrible,” said Sabine Sütterlin-Waack, interior minister of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, who reported on the death toll, in the first reaction. “We are shocked and horrified that something like this has happened,” she also noted, according to radio and television station NDR. According to the police, the man attacked the passengers shortly before […]

Russian military secretly transferred to Belarus in railway tanks – media

Thus, Russia is trying to avoid satellite and visual control over the transfer of manpower of the Russian army, the journalists say. “Nasha Niva” does not rule out that ammunition and military equipment from the Russian Federation can be delivered to Belarus in the same disguised way. The publication concludes that information about the transfer […]

Colón would not have changes to receive Arsenal

Rondina would bet on the same eleven to seek victory against the Sarandí team. (Photo: One Santa Fe) – Colón and Arsenal will play this Thursday, for the 13th date of the Professional League Tournament. The meeting will be at the “Brigadier Estanislao López” stadium in Santa Fe, starting at 9:30 p.m. and with arbitration […]

In England, an injured turtle on the rails disrupts rail traffic

An injured turtle on the tracks blocked rail traffic for several hours in east of england Monday August 1, the Great Anglia train company said. A “giant turtle” on the rails Due to animals on the tracks at Harling Road (east), the line is blocked and trains passing through this station may be canceled or […]

Florida de Clucellas and Libertad de Sunchales will open the 6th date

La Flora and El Cañoñero hand in hand this Monday. (Photo: Libertad de Sunchales website) – This Monday, in the town of Clucellas, Florida (2 pts.) and Libertad de Sunchales (8 pts.) will start a new date of the Closing Tournament of the Rafaelina Soccer League. The local team with a weak campaign will need […]

In the south, the defenders hit the Russian train

Photo: In the Kherson region, a Russian train of 40 wagons was broken – – The losses of the Russian invaders in manpower reach 300 people. Among the dead are machinists and engineers of the Russian Railways company. In Brilevka, Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked a train of the Russian Railways, […]

Armed Forces of Ukraine pierced the railway bridge in Kherson across the Dnieper

Photo: Wikimedia Antonovsky railway bridge – – The Antonovsky railway bridge was one of the three tracks that connected the Kherson group of invaders with the “mainland”. The armed forces of Ukraine, following the Antonovsky automobile bridge across the Dnieper, left the Russian invaders without a railway bridge. This was announced today, July 30, in […]

This was the arrival of a train to San Antonio de Areco after 30 years

After 30 years without workingand train arrived again to arrive at the station of San Antonio de Arecoon the Buenos Aires provincewhen performing a test ride from the neighboring Buenos Aires town of Chapel of the Lord. As reported by Trenes Argentinos, it was a pilot test facing the tan expected return of service between […]