Alessandro Del Piero Talks Czech Football and Pavel Nedvěd: Soccer Camp in Prague and Future Plans

Alessandro Del Piero Talks Czech Football and Pavel Nedvěd: Soccer Camp in Prague and Future Plans

Italian football legend Alessandro Del Piero recently arrived in Prague, where he discussed Czech football and reminisced about his time with fellow Juventus legend Pavel Nedvěd. Del Piero, who is considered one of the best football strikers of his generation, presented the Soccer Camp in Prague, an event that will give approximately one hundred boys … Read more

“Dara Rollins Returns to the Stage After Month-long Hiatus with a Touching Instagram Post”

Singer Dara Rollins is back in one round after a month off. And her friend and dancer, with whom she had not performed for a year, returned to the stage with her. She shared a touching photo together on Instagram. During the five-week leave, Dara Rollins indulged in a vacation in Dubai and Italy or … Read more

“The Fairy Tale Love Story of Dara Rolins and Pavel Nedvěd: A Dream Wedding in Italy”

The relationship between Slovak singer Dara Rolins and soccer superstar Pavel Nedvěd is like something out of a fairy tale. The pop icon makes no secret of the fact that he is the one. The affable footballer decided to take his relationship with Dara to the next level and took her to the weekend wedding … Read more

Nedvěd was banned from football for eight months for fraud during transfers

Along with Nedvěd, other former officials of the Old Lady were also punished. Former chairman Andrea Agnelli and former chief executive Maurizio Arrivabene have been banned for two years by the sports tribunal. Former Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici received the highest penalty for falsifying transfer accounting. The current official of the London Tottenham is … Read more

Life crushes Dara Rollins. The singer described an emotional storm

Singer Dara Rollins is having a tough time. She is apparently troubled by Pavel Nedvěd’s work problems, his breaking into her house and the death of a friend. She has revealed to her fans on her social media that her head is full of emotions and she doesn’t know how to deal with them. The … Read more

Footballer Nedvěd had an argument at singer Rolins’ house. The police intervened on the spot

The incident was reported before 10pm. “Police officers were called to investigate a report of an assault between two men. They initiated a criminal case on the matter on charges of committing a crime of trespassing,” the spokeswoman told ČTK today. of the police Michaela Richterová. Rollins told Blesk that the injured man had been … Read more

Juventus, Agnelli leaves. The entire board resigns. Gianluca Ferrero will be president – Football

The entire board of directors of Juventus resigned last night. The decision taken unanimously derives from the involvement in the Prisma investigation for false accounting and from the objections of Consob. Andrea Agnelli leaves the presidency after 12 years. It is Gianluca Ferrero, accountant, auditor, mayor and director of various companies, the man that Exor, … Read more

Poor Rollins gets a ceres: this is too much, people are sounding the alarm

“The way I see it, it’s better to have wrinkles and be natural. Don’t be mad at me, I know it’s everyone’s business, but that’s too much, with that face,” he began Dary Rollins one of the followers on the social network. “He looks nothing like himself. Who is he? I thought he was Dagmar … Read more

Dara Rollins didn’t last long without it. She showed why so many men wanted her

Although Dara Rollins is a foot above the threshold of fifty and will reach it as early as December, she is still one of the stars of the Czech show that fans crave the most. The singer is engaged not only in terms of work, but also in terms of constant rejection of suitors. Her … Read more

Dara Rollins after the first words on the breakup: I’m already counting every minute

Dara Rollins surprised fans with confessions about the breakups and the next day she didn’t forgive herself for another unusual confession. The singer is looking forward to the Christmas holidays and she has already pulled a winter jacket out of her wardrobe to make the wait more pleasant. Everyone thinks she wouldn’t care without the … Read more