Rolins shocks about breakup: One doesn’t have to cry…

Dara makes no secret of the fact that several partners have gone through her life. And each of them gave her something. “Even the fact that something happens and ends over time may not be a tragedy, but a development. Just life. One does not have to “cry”, as some people think quite illogically and […]

Kanye West beat up a fan in Los Angeles

Larisa Grechikhina The rapper can lose his freedom for six months. Kanye West. Photo: Global Look Press American rapper Kanye West suspected of beating a fan. It all happened in Los Angeles. The fan approached the musician to ask for an autograph, and he roughly pushed him away, after which he began to beat him. […]

Documentary about Gott († 80) leaked to the internet! Will rights holders intervene?

The first case was reported by the popular YouTube server in early January. Paradoxically, the film was recorded there by the Fan Club Karla Gotta. Rights holders, director Olga Malířová Spatova (37) and producer Ivana Gottová (45), managed to intervene only after more than 20,000 people had seen the documentary. But it repeats itself. Another […]

Dynamo Dresden – 1000 spectators are allowed against HSV – 3rd league

The home game of SG Dynamo Dresden on Friday evening at 6.30 p.m. in the Rudolf Harbig Stadium against Hamburger SV can take place in front of 1000 spectators. Dynamo Managing Director Jürgen Wehlend (56) is disappointed with the adapted Corona Protection Ordinance in Saxony. “This can only be a first step,” he says. “While […]

Popular blogger delighted with pictures in a bikini

Photo: Ramina Eshaqzai Ramina Eskhakzai took a vacation in Sri Lanka and showcases beach outfits to fans. Blogger and YouTube Channel Host Rumor has it Ramina Eskhakzai posted seductive pictures in a swimsuit on Instagram. Finalist of the fifth season of the show Bachelor is resting in Sri Lanka with his lover, lawyer Yevgeny […]

Samsung starts selling the Galaxy S21 FE 5G, the price? – Samsung Electronics Indonesia officially introduced the latest Galaxy Fan Edition smartphone line-up, the Galaxy S21 FE 5G, which is designed to support the myriad activities and various passions of Galaxy Fans through a series of superior features. Galaxy S21 FE 5G will be sold in Early Bird only on 9-10 January 2022 by […]

Passion on the glacier! The loving Nedvěd and the Rolins were playing in the Alps

The majestic Matterhorn Peak (4478 meters above sea level) stared as the eager hands of the Vice President of Turin’s Juventus inevitably caress the body of the Gift, who liked it. Pavel is divorced from his ex-wife Ivana and falls in love. Dara Rolins: I’m celebrating Christmas on stages! The first will be with Matěj […]

The fans were over. Sagan showed up in a new jersey – Cycling – Sports

On the last day of the old year, he stylishly said goodbye to the previous team, where he worked for five seasons, and is already working hard in new colors. Peter Sagan has also been the official driver of the French group TotalEnergies since the weekend. He completed his first training camp with his new […]

Titi returns to the front of the stage with “Dikkatina”

Titi returns with “Dikkatina” “Dikkatina”, (I’m back), such is the title of the new clip of singer Titi. With 173,151 views on YouTube in one day, the clip of the singer, Ndèye Fatou Tine alias Titi was released on January 1, 2022, as a prelude to her next album which will soon be on the […]