Who loses and wins in the new cabinet (infographics)

Through Stefan Yanev, President Rumen Radev will also control military deals. PHOTO: 24 hours Rumen Radev retains control over the special services Kiril Petkov with ambition for a 4-year term, but Hristo Ivanov spoke about watershed of local elections in the fall of 2023 Structural changes cut key resources from the BSP and ITN President […]

Conspiracy Fantastic literature from Latin America

The writer Enrique Padilla offers an essay on the decolonization of the fantastic literature on Latin America, which in his vision must face phenomena of political correctness but also a lack of knowledge of the tradition of analysis on colonialism in the region that influence this narrative genre. fjb .

Senior military among dead Russians in sauna at hotel in Albania (Video)

PHOTO: PIXABEY The mysterious death of four Russians in a hotel in Albania just an hour after their accommodation has raised suspicions that a murder conspiracy may be behind it, given the high military post held by the father of the Russian family, the Albanian Daily News reports. The publication quotes the opinion of criminology […]

These influencers who use conspiracy as a business

“The virus was invented to decrease the population and enslave the rest that survives” : On social networks, conspiracy theories about the pandemic serve the interests of star influencers, followed by millions of people. The ex-candidate of the show reality show The people of Marseilles, Kim Glow, d’ se hardInstagram to challenge its million subscribers […]

That is why they are not vaccinated in Bulgaria!

Countries like Bulgaria are particularly susceptible to conspiracy theories, writes Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung (NCC). The Swiss publication is looking for an answer to the question “Why nowhere else in the European Union (EU) is the share of vaccinated as low as in Bulgaria and Romania?”. Such a K-19 scandal had not happened in Bulgaria! PHOTOS […]

Biden says the US has been hurt by the spread of conspiracy theories

Biden recalled how the leaders of the countries he spoke to at the June G7 summit were incredulous when he tried to tell them that “America is back.” He also advocated the continuation of the investigation into the storming of the Capitol, which took place on 6 January. The President mentioned the QAnon movement, whose […]