The Blood Queens – Cleopatra, the Fatal Queen 4. Volume 4

B rutus and his defeated allies, Octavian and Marc Antony shared the Roman Empire. While the first holds Rome in his hand, the second is in the East, determined to wage a war against the Parthian enemy. There, he had to reckon with the Egyptian forces of Cleopatra. Between the sovereign and the consul, passion […]

The first openly gay Captain America soon in comics

For the double occasion of “Pride Month” and the 80e character’s birthday, an upcoming Marvel comic will feature a new take on America’s most patriotic superhero. A new version written by Josh Trujillo, himself transgender. The incarnations of the superhero Captain America follow each other and are not alike. On Netflix, Anthony Mackie is preparing […]

The Blood Queens – Catherine Sforza, the lioness of Lombardy 1. Volume 1

A n the 15th century, Venice, Florence, Genoa, Milan and Rome under the papal leadership alternated alliances to influence the destinies of the Italian peninsula. This Game of Five, Catherine, bastard of the Duke of Milan, learned the rules from her uncle and mentor, Ludovico Sforza. The assassination of her father, during the winter of […]

Baltzar, the war in the blood -10- Volume 10

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The stirring western of the other Lucky Luke, that of Matthieu Bonhomme

Comic book author Matthieu Bonhomme, March 23, 2021 in Paris / AFP A Lucky Luke at the source of the western, caught in the hostile and violent environment of the desert plains of the West: this is the bias of the other designer of the series, Matthieu Bonhomme. “Wanted Lucky Luke” (Dargaud editions) comes out […]

Saint-Gonnery. The School of Colors at the Angoulême comic book competition

Since November, the fifteen students of CE2, CM1 and CM2, have been working on the creation of comics. For the first time, they are participating in the Angoulême national comic book competition. “We will send five collective and three individual comics. The themes are free. The children drew on the adventures of schoolchildren and college […]

Happy new year 2021

Landis Blair is one of the authors of the year. The readers were not mistaken: double winner of the BDGest’Arts in the categories Best comics and Best debut album with “The hunting accident”, he also received the prestigious Fauve d’or from the Angoulême Festival. It is with great pleasure that we present to you the […]

Angoulême 2021 – The Awards

Despite the pandemic, it was on Friday January 29 that the awards ceremony for the Angoulême International Comics Festival took place. The winners are: René Goscinny Prize: Loo Hui Phang for Black out Prix ​​Konishi (traduction): Miyako Slocombe Prix ​​de la BD alternative: Kutikuti, The Thick book of Kuti Fauve d’Angoulême, the Youth Prize 8/12 […]