France: ‘thousands of pedophiles in Catholic churches since 1950’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – PARIS, 03 OCT – Thousands of pedophiles have operated within the French Catholic Church since 1950. The head of an independent commission of inquiry said so a few days after the report was published. The survey found between 2,900 and 3,200 priests or other members of the church pedophiles, said Jean-Marc Sauve, adding […]

A young priest from Hissarya died suddenly 25.03.2021 23:09; 24 hours Plovdiv online Priest Todor Todorov Priest Todor Todorov died suddenly at the age of 43, the Plovdiv diocese announced. The father served in Hissarya and the news of his death plunged the resort town into grief. The service will take place on March 26 at 13:00 in the church […]

MMORPG mobile game “Wheel of Fortune” pre-login hotly in progress to reveal the basic occupation features of the game-Technology-Technology

The classic Q cute Japanese and Korean JRPG-MMO mobile game “Wheel of Destiny”, which is represented by Cube Digital Information, is in hot pre-registration, and has attracted more than 250,000 players to participate enthusiastically. Game features such as warriors help players understand “Wheel of Fortune” more deeply. Strong and powerful comrade “Priest” The pastor has […]

The Pope’s Instagram with another spicy ‘Like’

Again a ‘Like’ in the photo of a sensual model appears by the official account of Pope Francis. This time, it is Margott Foxx, a well-known model of the OnlyFans platform who published on her social networks, a screenshot where, apparently, the Supreme Pontiff gave ‘I like ֹ’ to one of her daring photos. With […]

Boisset-Saint-Priest rethinks its town center

the December 16, 2020 – Writing – Amnagement @Wikipdia As part of the call for projects “for dynamic and attractive town centers / town centers”, launched by Loire Forez agglomeration in 2018, the town of Boisset-Saint-Priest was selected to benefit from technical support and financial of the agglomeration. To carry out this mission, the town […]

Sicam leaves Villars for Saint-Priest-en-Jarez

the October 27, 2020 – Laurie Joanou – Commerce DR – Pascal Tardy invests 10% of its turnover in the development of its digital and e-commerce strategy The company specializing in air conditioning and heat pumps is leaving Villars for Saint-Priest-en-Jarez where Pascal Tardy, its manager, has invested 1 million, in addition to offering new […]

“Monsieur Corbière, wake up!” by Gérald Darmanin

Tribune. This October 9, in the columns of Release, MP Corbière accused me of holding on “Defamatory and detestable words”, contesting the existence of radicalization in his constituency, as in other cities of Seine-Saint-Denis. Read the text by Alexis CorbièreGérald Darmanin and “Islamo-leftism”, a term used to the cord Monsieur Corbière plays Molière back to […]