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Amazing Results: Saudi Woman’s Experience Drinking Frankincense Infusion for Skin Benefits


A young Saudi woman revealed the details of her experience with drinking incense infusion, explaining that she continued to drink for a month and was surprised by the amazing result that had not happened to her.

She emphasized that there are great benefits for the skin and the whole body by drinking frankincense juice before bed, as it helped to get rid of the acne problem that was bothering her, noting that she continued drinking the injection and washing her skin from it for her whole month.

Benefits of gum for the skin
Frankincense contains natural collagen and many other substances that contribute to the regeneration of skin cells and lighten its color. Here are some of the benefits of Frankincense for the skin:

1- Remove dead skin cells and renew them, which helps to whiten and lighten them.

2- Treats the skin from darkness caused by direct exposure to sunlight.

3- It contributes to the whitening of sensitive areas.

4- Treats dark circles around the mouth and eyes.

5- One of the benefits of gum for the skin is that it evens out the skin tone.

6- Reduction of inflammation due to insect bites and acceleration of healing.

It is anti-infective, cleans wounds and scratches, and speeds up healing, without leaving a scar behind.

7- Getting rid of scars due to surgery.

8- It is included in natural recipes for treating fat cysts.

Ways to use gum
Frankincense or its oil is used in the preparation of many natural recipes, which play a key role in the treatment of skin problems, including the following:

1- Put the appropriate amount of frankincense in a little water and leave it on low heat until it boils used in the morning and before going to sleep, because the regular use of this recipe will treat the skin from spots dark, cleans it, and gives it a pink color.

2- Grind the appropriate amount of incense and add a little water daily to treat the skin from darkness due to exposure to sunlight.

3- Peel the gum and mix a tablespoon with starch powder, as well as a box of yogurt and half a spoon of honey, and apply it to the skin after it has been cleaned and dried with water.

4- Mix half a tablespoon of frankincense oil and the same amount of lupine oil, plus a teaspoon of rose oil or cinnamon, plus a small cup of bitter almonds Store the mixture in a bottle until it is used, and use it to lighten the face and all areas of the body except the area around the body.

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