Dirty R&B and Soul and Louisiana Cajun French Music

Tuning 1: “Rotten Cocksucker Ball” – The clovers Sintonía 2: “You stopped seeing me” – Austin Pitre and The Evangeline Playboys “Think Twice” (Version X) – Jackie Wilson and LaVern Baker; “Someone else was sucking my dick last night” – Fred Wolff Combo; “Meat Man” – Mack Vickery; “Hey Shine” – Snatch And The Poontangs; […]

Rents in Switzerland are increasing significantly

According to the Homegate rental index, which has been collected together with the Zürcher Kantonalbank since 2009, required rents increased by 2.8% in 2022. According to the study, this significant increase is the result of a growing scarcity on the housing market and higher heating and accessory costs. In addition to the record increase in […]

Video of a sci-fi RPG produced by PlayStation’s XDev is filtered

XDev, PlayStation’s external development support team, is reportedly producing a new sci-fi RPG. This weekend, a video of just a few seconds and a version in development, little representative of its appearance or game but early reactions likened it to something like Mass effect. In the clip, filtered by IconEra, a character similar to an […]

The supposed Xbox event will be more of a “live” than a big presentation

Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks have several great titles planned for PC and Xbox Series X/S for early 2023, but we don’t know when they will be released. The rumors surfaced late last year Microsoft will host a digital event in the first quarter of the year where to provide information about those games, […]

The winning design for the new school building in Arnegg is presented

As reported by the Andwil-Arnegg school community, the study commission for the new school building has been completed and the contribution of anaïs architektur from Zurich has been selected as the winning project. For transparent information, the school board has drawn up another brochure with detailed information on the selection procedure and invites you to […]

Impressions World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, a restyling with earthly content

Just over a month ago, Activision Blizzard pushed the button that launched a new big update to the servers of World of Warcrafta called expansion Flight of dragons that aims not just give players new content of the veteran MMORPG of the American firm but also offer a good facelift to the game to adapt […]

A politician through and through

On January 11, 2022, she was elected President of the Greater Schaffhausen City Council with 26 votes. Now, at the end of your mandate, you met the “Bock” for an interview to take stock of your year as top municipal manager. Nathalie Zumstein (Die Mitte) made substantive politics a priority and tried to promote it […]

Alone in New York’ on Saturday February 1, 2022

Today, December 25, 2022, “Kevin – Alone in New York” goes on TV. You can read all about the TV event here: Is there a live stream online? Will there be a repeat? You can also find out here!The feature film “Kevin – Alone in New York” will be televised December 25, 2022. You should […]

Strengthen the effectiveness of external information | Politics

The Foreign Information Department of the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) receives an endorsement from the Awareness and Education Commission of the Party Central Committee. Photo: VNA Ho Chi Minh City (VNA) – The Awareness and Education Commission of the Party Central Committee held a national conference in Ho Chi Minh City on December 24 to […]