“Photography was the Instagram of José Sellier’s time”

The writer and teacher Jose Maria Paz Gago face, inside the machine of eternitya fictionalized biography of the A Coruña-based French photographer José Sellier, the first to shoot cinematic views in Spain. The novel tries to do justice to the figure of José Sellier and his status as a pioneer of Spanish cinema. Yes. It […]

A cascade of clouds on Monte Costone, here is the breathtaking video

A cascade of clouds over the sunlit Orobie Mountains. It is the show filmed by Marco Roncoroni on Monte Costone, in the upper Seriana Valley. During a mountain bike excursion in recent days, Marco found a breathtaking panorama before his eyes: an “ocean” of clouds which, taken with the time-lapse technique, seem to slide like […]

After leading the trend.. Hussein Fahmy reveals the reason for his refusal to shoot with ‘Bossi Shalaby’ at the Cairo Film Festival

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Hussein Fahmy, revealed the reason for his refusal to take pictures with the media, Bossi Shalaby, in front of the photographers’ lenses, on the red carpet, during the Cairo International Film Festival activities. “Fahmy” explained that the reason for her refusal to film with Bossi Shalaby, “I refused to imagine why […]

Puan gives advice on aesthetic photography with smartphone capital only

Tuesday 15 November 2022 – 06:05am WIB Techno live – Photographer Putri Ayunda revealed that she documents herself daily using a smartphone. Not only that, the moment she passed was also captured with a cell phone camera. In fact, aesthetic works can also be produced only by relying on the camera of a palm-sized cell […]

the fight against breast cancer through photography

five years of work ‘From them’. This is the name of the initiative launched by My World in Images. Claudia Aguilar, photographer since 2017, has closed the fifth edition of this project with which she raises funds for the investigation on breast cancer. It’s a homage to his motherPaqui, who suffered from this disease. “It’s […]

An image taken by a Lithuanian photographer reveals how scary an ant’s face is

This competition is in its 48th edition, its goal is “to see excellence in photography through a microscope”. In this year’s competition, according to Nikon, 1,300 applications were submitted from 72 countries. Kavaliausks used to photograph birds, but is now interested in insects. In the close-up shot of the ant, the insect looks threatening. Although […]