Two women froze to death in the Alps

Tourists get lost in the Alps The man who was with them was taken to a Swiss hospital with frostbite and hypothermia. Two women froze to death in the Alps at an altitude of more than four thousand meters in the Valle d’Aosta, in northwestern Italy, DW reports. Another man was taken to a Swiss […]

Not White, Snow in the Alps is Blood Red – Snow usually white over the mountains Alps, France, is now turning red like blood. This is not caused by real blood. Known as “glacier blood”, it comes from microalgae who live in the snow. Reported from Live Science, Thursday (10/6/2021), experts recently went to the Alps to study the mysterious organism. The expedition […]

The world champion in snowboardcross, Pomagalská, died in an avalanche

Former French snowboarder Julie Pomagalská died in Tuesday’s accident in the Swiss Alps. The 40-year-old world champion in snowboarding in 1999 was overwhelmed by an avalanche with a guide, and rescuers were unable to free them in time. According to police from the canton of Uri, they belonged to a group of four skiers who […]

Former snowboard champion Pomagalská died under an avalanche

French snowboarder Julie Pomagalská in 2006. | photo: In addition to snowboarding, Pomagalská also devoted herself to alpine disciplines, winning silver in the parallel giant slalom at the 2003 World Championships. A year later, she dominated the overall ranking of the World Cup in snowboarding, rejoicing in the victory in the World Championships nine […]

Two avalanche deaths in Switzerland – snow slide in the Zugspitze area

GLarge amounts of fresh snow have led to avalanches and traffic problems in the Alpine region. According to the police, two winter sports enthusiasts died in the snow in Switzerland and one person was seriously injured. In Germany, the search for possible victims of snow slides in the Zugspitze region did not reveal any evidence […]

Winter in the Alps – avalanche swallowed Tyrolean village – Munich

Winter has Tyrol fully under control. Heavy snowfalls have been falling over the Alps since Saturday. There are disabilities on many roads. In some places the power went out. In the village of Prägraten below the Großvenediger (3657 meters) an avalanche broke out on Saturday at 6.30 p.m. It hit the district of Hinterbichl at […]