The New Yorker fires journalist after masturbating at Zoom meeting | NOW

The owners of The New Yorker have fired noted journalist Jeffrey Toobin after 27 years of service due to an incident during a video conference on Zoom last month. Toobin could be seen masturbating. The 60-year-old journalist thought the camera was off. The journalist masturbated during a break from an employee video meeting The New […]

Powerful Pfizer Vaccine, Netflix Shares Until Zoom Shattered!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Technology-based stocks on the US Wall Street exchange closed collapsed on trading Monday US time (9/11/2020) or Tuesday morning (10/11) Indonesian time, including from the two main exchanges namely the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq Exchange. The subsidence of these sector stocks got the sentiment of the announcement that […]

WhatsApp Video Call Can Immediately Replace Zoom on Your Desktop

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – WhatsApp Web is known for carrying out only simple functions, receiving and sending text messages and photos. But in the future WhatsApp web will be an alternative to the Zoom application on your desktop because it will add video call and voice call features. Based on reports from the WhatsApp development […]

Netizens Can Make Money From Zoom, Here’s How!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Zoom will allow its users to make money directly from the platform. You do this through the OnZoom feature. This will also be the new cash machine of the online meeting application that Eric Yuan founded. OnZoom is a marketplace-like feature on the Zoom website that will offer paid classes. Classes […]

Zoom New Feature Can Be Used to Earn Money – Video conference service providers, Zoom released two new features, which makes it easier for users to do business and reach more participants. The first feature to be introduced is OnZoom. This feature is a kind of platform for presenting impressions or events virtual which are categorized based on specific themes, such as cooking, […]

IndiHome Can’t Access Zoom? This said Telkom

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A number of Indonesian netizens have complained on social media that they cannot access the Zoom conference application via Indihome. What is the explanation of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom)? Complaints about not being able to access Zoom via IndiHome were voiced by netizens via Twitter. These complaints began to be submitted […]

IndiHome customers complain that they can’t use Zoom this morning – A number of customers IndiHome complained about not being able to make video calls Zoom on Tuesday (13/10/2020) this morning, both on a computer device (PC / desktop) and a mobile application. Many of these complaints were expressed through the Twitter social network. “What’s the problem zoom? really error“Twitter account @farkhanrsss. Other IndiHome […]

Zoom Subscription Fees in Indonesia Increase Starting October 1 – Subscription fees Zoom in Indonesia, it will increase starting October 1, 2020. This is because Zoom will collect a 10 percent value added tax (VAT) for paying customers in Indonesia. Previously, the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) had appointed 12 new companies that met the criteria as VAT collectors for digital goods and […]

The Zoom Application Adds a Safety Feature, Here’s How To Set It

MY SEMARANG – During the COVID-19 pandemic, various online-based events were held. one of application which is often used is Zoom. Due to frequent use, application Zoom always make breakthroughs in order to provide comfort and safety for its users. Party Zoom added two-factor authentication (2FA) security features. This enhancement is intended to make it […]