This is what happens to the human body when it dies in space

JAKARTA – The competition to create colonies on other planets is getting closer to reality with the presence of a number of private aviation companies outer space . Not only thinking about what it’s like to live in outer space, you need to think about what will happen if someone dies there. Because, death on […]

NASA Launches COSI in 2025 to Study the Formation of Chemicals in the Milky Way

JAKARTA – NASA has given the green light for the development of its next small astrophysics mission, a space telescope called COSI that will explore the Milky Way by studying the formation of chemicals in the galaxy through gamma-ray observations. When studying the chemical evolution of interstellar matter, scientists study the known universe across the […]

Humans Soon ‘Colonize’ the Solar System

Jakarta – In the future, humans may live on planets beyond Earth or on the Moon as well. Surprisingly even, scientist NASA mentions that humankind can become a multi-world species and live in outer space in less time than previously thought. “Starting with the development and implementation of the first nuclear weapons in the final […]

Horror! These 5 Planets Are In Extreme Conditions, Including Earth?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – For decades astronomers have researched the sky and outer space to solve the mysteries of habitable Earth-like planets. In the search there are thousands of planets that have been found. The discovery of the planet made astronomers amazed and amazed. The reason is, not all planets are habitable like Earth. Even […]

If You Get Lost in the Universe, How Do You Get Back to Earth?

Maybe you’ve ever imagined, one day you’re lost far away outer space, far from the earth and the solar system. They all look the same, you can’t tell which is a galaxy or which is a star. From these stars you are also difficult to determine which is the sun. In the midst of the […]

As big as the earth, the sun is so small

Jakarta – For the first time, astronomers have mapped asteroid the largest in the universe of the Solar System of the size of Earth and some make Sun so tiny. This is a list of the 42 largest asteroids in the Solar System. Astronomers make use of ground telescopes, European Southern Obsevatory Very Large Telescope […]

Horror! Scientists Find Planet ‘Hell’, Can Rain Hot Metal

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Astronomers have been exploring space for years to find new planets like Earth that can be inhabited by humans if one day this planet is no longer habitable. In that search there were several planets found. But not all have the same conditions as Earth. Even some of them have extreme […]

Divination of the Dead Sun and the Fate of Humans Who Inhabit Earth

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The age of the Sun is predicted to be 5 billion years from now. So what about our solar system after the sun dies? Chances are Earth will be hit but Jupiter is holding out. This is the prediction of a number of astronomers published in the journal Nature using examples […]

Astronaut Portraits of Rare Lightning Flashes from Space

Jakarta – A flash of light is often considered the appearance of a supernatural being. From a scientific point of view, this is phenomenon which can sometimes be seen from the International Space Station (ISS). European Space Agency astronaut and ISS crew Thomas Pesquet shared an image of a subtle blue light appearing over Europe. […]