a car rushes onto a terrace without causing any injuries, the driver on the run

A driverless vehicle was found by the police in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. It would be a simple hit and run, according to the first elements of the investigation. A vehicle darked on a Parisian terrace this Friday around 7 p.m., in the 11th arrondissement. “A vehicle rushed onto a terrace, overturning tables and […]

Troadec case. The key phrases of the horror trial

After twelve days of hearing, Hubert Caouissin, tried for the murder of his in-laws in 2017, was sentenced to thirty years of criminal imprisonment on the evening of Wednesday, July 7. Back on this trial around ten key phrases. Appalling end-to-end trial. In the box, two defendants: Hubert Caouissin and his partner Lydie Troadec. One […]

producers and distributors of opiates for the first time before juries

Producers and distributors of opiates met Tuesday, June 29 for the first time before a jury to answer for their responsibility for the devastation caused by these pain-relieving drugs, at the origin of more than 500,000 overdoses in 20 years in the United States . “This dossier deals with a subject: corporate greed.” This is […]

LO on Stendi ruling: – A victory for the Norwegian trade union movement

– I would like to congratulate the Trade Union and the 22 care workers who went to court to be recognized as employees in Stendi, says LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik. On Tuesday, the verdict came from the Borgarting Court of Appeal in the so-called Stendi case, where 22 care workers demanded to be recognized […]

Murder case in Trondheim must be re-examined

The case is being updated. In May, a law student was sentenced to eleven years in prison by the Frostating Court of Appeal for killing his mother. Now the Supreme Court has an appeals committee overturned the entire sentence because one of the judges participated in the custody of the man, writes Rett24. ALSO READ: […]

Exclude motorsport from traffic insurance legislation

The European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council agree that motorsport requires different insurance than driving on the road. This ends years of uncertainty about minimum insurance requirements that could make the sport impractical or too costly. This was announced by the World Motorcycle Association FIM, citing EU information. In a process known […]

At the Mila trial, the banality of cyberbullying in a pack

“I didn’t think about it and I tweeted like that” : young people ” without history “, tried in Paris for harassing online or threatening to kill teenage Mila after her controversial video on Islam, assured Monday that they did not realize that they were participating in a « raid » digital. On November 16, […]