Cooperating with Muklay Artist, Xiaomi Brings Redmi Note 10 5G Special Edition – Xiaomi announced the presence of a special edition Redmi Note 10 5G. This special edition is in collaboration with visual artist Muklay. This special edition smartphone can be ordered from December 1, 2021. Muklay whose real name is Muchlis Fachri affixed his distinctive visual work on the Redmi Note 10 5G packaging. Muklay’s […]

Xiaomi will not give the MIUI update to these models! Here is the list!

Xiaomi‘s most popular released 3 years ago 9 devices are now MIUI 12.5 Beta will get its update for the last time. These devices were Xiaomi’s devices that broke the sales record and are still sold 3 years later. The update support of these devices, which still have many users, is nearing the end. These […]

Verizon and AT&T to limit 5G while studying impact on air traffic

Verizon and AT&T on Wednesday, November 24 proposed to limit the deployment for six months of new frequency bands for their 5G network in the United States, time for the United States Aviation Agency (FAA) to study potential problems of interference with devices measuring altitude in airplanes. Read alsoOne year after its launch in France, […]

Tasks: TSMC is commissioned to manufacture Apple’s 5g modem

The latest models of Iphone use 5g modems from Qualcomm, but already in two years it may be relevant for Apple to choose a self-developed alternative. According to a new report from Nikkei Asia TSMC will be commissioned to manufacture the new 5g modem. Given that the Taiwanese company already manufactures processors for Apple, the […]

For its own 5G modem, Apple will use TSMC’s 4nm engraving

The Cupertino company will add a string to its electronic bow with the design of its own 5G modem. Qualcomm, its current supplier, expects to represent only 20% of modem shipments from 2023, which signals the arrival of this new component for iPhones. According to Nikkei Asia, it is once again to the Taiwanese founder […]

2023 may be a milestone for Apple’s iPhones!

Apple with the iPhone 12 family 5GIt brought ‘to iPhones. Thus, the technology giant placed 5G modem hardware inside an iPhone for the first time. In the newest iPhone series, Apple preferred 5G modems to Qualcomm. According to a new report, Apple is taking action in partnership with Chinese semiconductor giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) […]

The Role of 5G in Driving Digital Transformation in Indonesia’s Industrial Sector, Jakarta – The adoption of digital systems in the industrial sector has undeniably occurred in recent years. However, with the presence of 5G, the process of adopting a digital system can be faster and contribute to the development of the industrial sector. “Increasingly, IoT in the industrial sector requires 5G because it offers the […]