Do I have to get off my bike to cross a pedestrian crossing?

In case of not respecting this rule, you will have to pay 200 euros S. M. Sunday, 16 January 2022, 00:21 “To cross a pedestrian crossing, it is mandatory to get off the bike and cross it on foot.” That’s how blunt it is General direction of traffic (DGT) before one of the most seen […]

And a wall of three meters to escort the passage of the train

January 12, 2022, 3:34 The unburied train leaves an insurmountable wake for the residents of Trobajo, which is extensible and has effects for the entire metropolitan area of ​​León that coexists in the west wing of the capital of León. Three meters of wall throughout the route until the railway leaves aside the urbanized and […]

A charity gala at the Góngora Theater will raise funds for the San Rafael pass in Córdoba

Julia Garcia HiguerasFOLLOW, CONTINUE Córdoba Updated:05/01/2022 08:14h Keep Related news The brotherhood of San Rafael encourages you to attend the great charity gala organized by the January 28 at the Góngora Theater in Córdoba. The purpose is to add funds with which to continue executing the processional step of the Custodian of the city. Cordovan artists […]

TikTok fixes on Twitter to allow you to re-share content, how? | Lifestyle

TikTok is, almost certainly, the social network that has grown the most in the last two years and if it has achieved something like this it is, without a doubt, due to the enormous capacity it has to viralize its content among the hundreds of millions of users around the world. So it is normal […]

Tribute to Ecuadorians who died at a level crossing in Lorca 21 years ago

Tribute to the Ecuadorians who died at the level crossing in the Torrecilla district. / Jaime Insa / AGM Relatives of the victims and members of the Municipal Corporation attended the event The Nuevos Lorquinos association paid tribute this Monday to the twelve Ecuadorian immigrants who died on January 3, 2001 when the van in […]

When and where to see the passage of Comet Leonard in Spain

Comet C / 2021 A1 Leonard, a huge rock made up of ice, dust and gas, approaches Earth this December that comes from the Oort cloud, at the edge of the Solar System. Leonard will make his closest approach to Earth this month, making it possible to observe it with binoculars or a small telescope., […]

The most irritating step of the impunity plan K

Vice President Cristina Kirchner and her two children, Máximo and Florencia Kirchner, they got an extraordinary judicial triumph. They were dismissed in two of the corruption cases what most worried them, avoiding the oral and public trial, the last instance that they had to go through like the rest of the citizens who are in […]

One more step for the new Las Salinas institute in Roquetas

The Ministry of Education and Sports, through the Andalusian Public Agency for Education, has awarded the service of drafting the project and health and safety study, construction management, construction management management and health and safety coordination for construction of a new secondary education institute (IES) in the area of ​​Las Salinas de Roquetas de Mar. […]