The person who raped her was released, 11 year old boy committed suicide page all

PERTH, – One 11 year old boy of Australia suicide, after knowing that person rape he was free because he paid bail. The funeral for the girl was held Monday local time (11/16/2020), where a sad family paid their last respects. The funeral process for the victims was attended by hundreds of people. “We […]

Wife Sold Husband Rp. 950,000, Rape by 4 Men for 21 Days Page all

PUNJAB, – A woman of Pakistan raped for 21 days by four rapists. Woman She was hit by a terrible accident after her own husband was accused of selling her for 5,000 rupees or Rp 950,000 to the four rapists. Reporting from Deccan Herald, October 29th, the woman came from Punjab region, Pakistan. Meanwhile, […]

Historical e-paper: raped or not?

Msympathy for the Frenzel trial is particularly lively for one reason. Years ago I employed a little peasant girl from a Thuringian village as a domestic servant. Only for three months because she was an unpleasant person. Red-cheeked, robust, hard-working, but unreliable and lying. Household items disappeared for weeks, only to be found again in […]

Hospitalized in ICU and Half Aware, Female Patient Raped by Hospital Staff. Page all

GURUGRAM, – A patient woman presumed raped by the officer hospital while undergoing treatment tuberculosis ( TB) of India. The 21-year-old victim has been treated for several days at Hospital Fortis in Gurugram City, India, as quoted from Daily Mail, Friday (30/10/2020). She was allegedly sexually assaulted while in a “semi-conscious” state and using […]

British Woman Claims Rape by UAE Minister in Private Island Villa

LONDON, – A woman English who worked at the literary festival United Arab Emirates ( UEA), accusing the UAE Minister of Tolerance of sexually harassing him in February. The report was revealed by the newspapers The Sunday Times which was launched AFP on Sunday (18/10/2020). The Minister for Tolerance Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al […]

Reynhard Sinaga, Britain’s “worst” rapist, will likely never be free

MANCHESTER, – Reynhard Sinaga, was convicted in the worst case of rape in legal history English, may “never be released” from prison because for the first time the Court of Appeal is considering a convict of rape to be sentenced to “total life”. The Court of Appeal which was held at the Royal Court […]

The Philippines Proposes the Legal Limit of Sexual Relations is 16 Years All pages

MANILA, – in many countries have sex with a 13 year old child will automatically be considered no rape. However on Filipina adults can hold sexual intercourse with a 12 year old child, and can be considered consensual. Now the Philippines is brewing rules to raise the age restriction to 16 years to protect […]

Pilu 9 Year Old Boy Killed Stabbed When Bela Mother Is Raped

East Aceh – The sad story comes from East Aceh, Aceh. A 9-year-old child defends the mother who wants to raped. Unfortunately, that boy was hacked into perpetrators until found dead. The poor boy with the initials R. On Friday (9/10) night, R and his mother were at their house. The victim’s husband is not […]