Found a natural remedy to accelerate hair growth

Today, 11:38 | author: Irina Mikhalkova | Photo With age, not only the skin grows old, but also the hair, which begins to fall out more often. One can only dream of a beautiful hairstyle. But you can return the former luxury to your hair with the help of a simple remedy – Aloe […]

Rapper Morgenstern set a record for dislikes in Russian YouTube. His clip “Suck” pissed everyone off even more than the song of Timati and Guf 👎👎👎

The author of the lines “*** [пенис] huge as a penis ”and“ Ta-ta-ta-ta, ta-ta-ta-ta-ta ”rapper Alisher Morgenstern with his new video“ Suck ”broke the record for Russian YouTube’s dislikes. In four days, the video gained 15 million views and 1.6 million dislikes. In the video on “Suck,” Morgenstern arrives in a country house in a […]

Elon Musk called for split Amazon – Meduza

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, called Amazon a monopolist and expressed the opinion that the company should be divided. “It’s time to split up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong, ”Musk tweeted in response to a tweet from user Alex Berenson who complained about Amazon’s refusal to sell his book on coronavirus. “It’s crazy,” […]

Cannes Film Festival Program Announced Films will be shown at other festivals

The Cannes Film Festival Selection Committee has announced the official 2020 program, which includes 56 films. The program, in particular, included the films “French Dispatcher” by Wes Anderson, “The 85th Summer” by Francois Ozon, “One by One” by Thomas Winterberg, “Ammonite” by Francis Lee, episodes of the mini-series “Hatchet” by Steve McQueen, the cartoon “ […]