BU insurance: These tariffs for managers and students are convincing in rating practice

It has a good tradition: every year the analysis house Morgen & Morgen publishes a major disability rating, as happened this year in May. 566 tariffs and tariff combinations from 63 different providers were considered in 2021, 406 tariffs may feel like a class leader (Versicherungsbote reported). However, since such ratings often only reach the […]

General practitioners ask for patience – Radio Cologne

Published: Thursday, April 8th, 2021 7:12 am (PR) The general practitioners in Cologne ask for your understanding that not everyone can get an appointment immediately after the vaccination has started. © Radio Cologne / Waltel Johannes Nolte, family doctor in Porz and deputy chairman of the medical association, said that most of them would understand, […]

Ralbitzer’s family doctor starts with two dozen corona vaccinations per week

After the Easter holidays, the waiting room in Gerd Jahny’s doctor’s office in Ralbitz is full. More than a dozen patients are waiting to be admitted to the doctor. The phone barely stands still. “I expected that there would be an interest in the vaccinations. But I did not expect that such an overwhelming wave […]

Corona ticker: KV Saxony fears manipulation of self-tests

12:00 pm | City and municipal federation calls for more speed in rapid tests In view of the nationwide relaxation of the Corona rules on Monday, the chief executive of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, called for more speed in the offer of free rapid tests. “We have to be better, […]

Infected doctor’s assistant from Düsseldorf did not wear a mask

March 1, 2021 at 6:58 am Paid content: Practice in Pempelfort closed : Infected doctor’s assistant from Düsseldorf did not wear a mask A doctor’s assistant in Düsseldorf was infected with the British virus variant and had not worn a mask. Photo: Lukas Schulze Pempelfort The British coronavirus mutant has been detected in the employee, […]

Corona: 400 patients from Wedeler Physio-Praxis in quarantine | NDR.de – news

Status: 02/18/2021 8:27 a.m. In Wedel (Pinneberg district), 400 patients in a physiotherapy practice are under quarantine. Several of them, as well as some employees, tested positive for Corona. As the circle announced, the virus has so far been detected in five employees and six patients. Attempts are currently being made to understand the chain […]

Serious illness insurance: Brokers should pay attention to this! – Practice

The crux of serious illness insurance is the definition of the insured illness. Without prior medical knowledge, it is difficult to assess which formulations are consumer-friendly. But that is by no means all that intermediaries should pay attention to. Insurance brokers should know the terms and conditions exactly. This also applies to serious illness policies.mohamed_hassan […]

GVWG: Legislators want to intervene in medical professional liability insurance

The legislature is preparing new rules and passing laws in quick succession. For example, the draft bill of the Health Care Development Act (GVWG) contains 80 measures, including one on doctors’ professional liability. Actually, § 21 of the model professional regulations already obliges doctors to sufficiently oppose themselves Liability Claims to insure from the professional […]

Financial loss liability: loss due to omission – practice

The recently regulated claim of the CGPA is particularly interesting because the following clause was discussed here, which is included in all insurance conditions and always applies when it is a matter of omission: If damage is caused by negligent omission, it applies in case of doubt the infringement as committed on the day on […]