How to Take a Strawberry Supermoon with Your Phone Tonight

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Phenomenon Strawberry Supermoon will soon arrive and we can observe it, even capture it using a camera. The following method may be your guide so that the resulting photos are more suitable for saving. The full moon this time is known to be seen all over the world, including throughout Indonesia, […]

The Unique Strawberry Supermoon Appears Tomorrow, The Last in 2021!

Jakarta – Phenomenon strawberry supermoon or the strawberry full moon will appear on Thursday, June 24, 2021. Unfortunately, this supermoon will be the last in 2021. According to NASA, during 2021 there will be four supermoons. The first supermoon appeared in March, the second in April, the third in May and the last, namely the […]

Easter full moon or worm full moon filmed in the sky over Tehran

In the sky over Tehran, a phenomenon is being observed, which has already been dubbed the first supermoon this year. This phenomenon is also popularly called the “Easter Full Moon” or “The Moon of the Worm”. The broadcast from the venue is carried out on the “TV Channel 360” YouTube channel. The supermoon, according to […]