Condolences for the son of Sheikh Abd al-Basit Abd al-Samad at al-Hamidiya al-Shazliyya mosque this evening

The family of the narrator, the late Sheikh Abd al-Basit Abd al-Samad, will hold a funeral this Tuesday evening Khaled Abdel Basset Mohamed Abdel Samad Sheikh Abdel Basset’s son Abdel Samad who died yesterday, Monday, and the late Sheikh’s family will hold “Khaled’s” funeral at Hamidia Al-Shazliya mosque in Mohandessin in Giza governorate. And Sheikh … Read more

Al-Hara Jordanian film… controversial swear words!

Tell me – The Jordanian film Al-Hara, the Circle, set in a neighborhood dominated by gossip and violence east of the capital Amman, has caused a lot of controversy because it contains obscene words. Social media platforms were buzzing with discussions about the film’s content and the message to be conveyed by it, between a … Read more

Maryam Mohamed, a university student who excels in singing for great artists.. Video

He excelled in singing for the great artist Umm Kulthum And Najat and other artists, and her mediator was broadcast after dazzling everyone who heard her. Maryam Muhammad Metwally Salama, 19, a first year student at Kafr Saqr Higher Institute of Social Work, Sharkia Governorate, said: I found my voice was beautiful from the softness … Read more

Nada Al-Kamel reveals her true age and stance regarding marriage to someone other than her religion…

Basrawi News Encyclopedia – Nora Barakat wrote: Nada Al-Kamel, the divorcee of artist Ahmed Al-Fishawy, answered a number of questions she received from her followers about “ask” through the Al-Astori feature through her account on the “Instagram” photo and video site. Among the questions Nada Al-Kamel received was a question about her intention to remarry … Read more

Education in numbers. Hiring 150,000 teachers to fill the gap and curricula to meet labor market needs

The government, represented by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, has been working to improve the educational service provided to students. In the following report, we monitor the most important figures and indicators in the pre-university education dossier: 2. Intensify collaboration with the private sector to transform more schools into this new style that … Read more

“Egypt Celebrates” festivities across governorates to welcome the new year. Videos and photos

The governorates of Egypt witnessed it some time ago parties A varied carnival, celebrating the New Year, which varied from one province to another. In the city of Aswan and all the cities of the governorate, which experienced a festive atmosphere in the aesthetic and civilized landscape of development, landscaping and landscaping on New Year’s … Read more

Laila Abdel Latif 2023 predictions on events and horoscopes

Tell me – The words of Laila Abdel Latif Expectations 2023 dominated search engines in the last minutes for the statements made by the famous astronomer, known as the “Lady of Expectations” during the “Al-Sattat” program on the channel “Al-channel satellite Nahar”. The famous astronomer spoke about predictions that could occur in the Arab Republic … Read more

We live off living flesh in Lebanon

Tell me – Lebanese actress, Layal Abboud, has launched an attack on some party caterers in her country, criticizing the way they treat them, commenting by saying, ‘Lebanese contractors haven’t come out to deal with them.’ Abboud added: “I work very sweetly, with love, cooperation and a helping hand, but none of them deserve it. … Read more