Barcelona defeats Girona and is crowned the winter champion in the Spanish League

Pedro Gonzalez Lopez (Pedri) led his team, Barcelona, ​​​​to crown the winter champion in the Spanish Football League, after defeating Girona 1/0 during the match that brought them together today, Saturday, in the nineteenth round of the competition, which also witnessed Cadiz’s victory over Real Mallorca 2/0. Pedri scored the only goal of the match […]

Real Madrid between Zizou’s “rumors” and Ancelotti’s “fragility”!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo) The Athletic newspaper revealed that French legend Zinedine Zidane is ready to return to Real Madrid for a third term, at any time requested by the Meringue administration, specifically in the event of the departure of Italian Carlo Ancelotti for any reason. The newspaper said that what could attract “Zizou” the most, […]

American offers cast a shadow over Busquets’ new contract

It was decided that the Spanish club Barcelona would launch negotiations to renew the contract with its star Sergio Busquets, after the current winter transfer market closed. Busquets, a graduate of the football academy of the Catalan club, has a contract with Barcelona until June 2023. In principle, the 34-year-old will have to accept a […]

Barcelona hosts Getafe in an easy match in the Spanish League

team is running Barcelona The Spaniard is an easy confrontation when it hosts Getafe in the Spanish League competition in the current season 2022-2023. The Barcelona match against Getafe will be held at 7:30 pm today, Sunday, at the “Spotify Camp Nou” stadium, as part of the 18th round of the Spanish League competition. Barcelona […]