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Honda Postpones Launch of e:Ny1 Electric Car in Czech Market Due to Lack of Interest – Official Statement

Just a week before the official launch on the Czech market, Honda decided to postpone the introduction of the electric car e.Ny1. The reason is supposed to be the Czechs’ lack of interest in electric cars. The car company’s Czech representative office stated that the decision came from Honda’s headquarters and was the result of a discussion with the domestic team.

“We are very sorry, but unfortunately we have to cancel the local presentation of the new e:Ny1 model. Due to the low demand for electric cars in the Czech Republic, our company has decided to focus on markets with greater potential,” Honda’s press spokesman Petr Hubáček sent a statement to journalists who were supposed to appear on Friday, March 15, for the premiere of the currently only purely electric model of the Japanese automaker in Europe.

The cancellation basically happened a week before the event. “I personally regret it, but we came to this after a discussion with the car company’s headquarters. The situation on the Czech market with demand for electric cars is simply such that we do not see the point in introducing this car to our market,” Hubáček explained to the editors.

The price list of the car was supposed to be published just at the meeting with journalists. Hubárek does not want to reveal how much the car should have cost. However, some Honda dealers have already presented the car on their websites and offered the possibility to book a ride. Among them was, for example, the Karlovy Vary car service Kolovrátek. Demo cars could thus already be seen at dealers in recent weeks.

“However, we had virtually no pre-orders for the car,” admits Hubáček. However, the presentation and launch of the e:Ny1 model on the Czech market has only been postponed to a more suitable time, when it will be possible to make better use of its sales potential,” he adds.

Even the subsidies for electric cars, which the government starts in mid-March and when it is possible to use a discount of up to 200 thousand crowns, if the price of the car fits within the limit of 1.5 million without VAT, would not help sales much, according to the estimates of the Czech Honda representative office.

Last year, Honda stopped offering the visually attractive but unsuccessfully sold Honda e model in Europe. The electric car with the strange name e:Ny1 has already been introduced in selected European markets, so sales in the Czech Republic should have been launched with some delay.

“On the domestic market, we will now continue to focus on our key hybrid models CR-V, ZR-V and HR-V, which are the main subject of sales interest for us,” says Hubáček.

The e:Ny1 model is built on a newly developed Honda platform, the front-mounted electric motor generates a power of 150 kW and a torque of 310 Nm, the tabular data indicates a consumption of 18.2 kWh/100 km. The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 68 kWh provides a range of up to 412 km.

On the German market, it starts at a price of 38,990 euros, i.e. from 990,000 crowns. Standard equipment includes, for example, a reversing camera or keyless entry.

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