Jong-un is suspected to be thin because he can no longer consume imported cheese

loading… North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. FOTO/ PYONGYANG – Leader North Korea (Jewelry) Kim Jong-un really looks like he’s lost weight in this photo recently released by the North Korean authorities. Jong-un appeared to have had a slick and sleek new look during a key ruling party meeting towards the end of the year. Authorities […]

North Korea tests hypersonic missile, claims more terrible

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — An alleged projectile hypersonic missile launched by North Korea on Tuesday (11/1) claimed to have a more terrible ability. The hypersonic missile is said to be more sophisticated, faster and more precise than previous hypersonic missiles. This was revealed by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff. Reported from CNNThe missile, […]

The Cause of Defectors from North Korea Still Living Difficulty in South Korea

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A defector North Korea reportedly chose to return to their home country because life is difficult in South Korea. The North Korean citizen, who had lived for two years in South Korea, chose to return to Pyongyang because he was suspected of having been treated badly in the country of his […]

4 Orders of Kim Jong-un in Early 2022, Forced Ex-Soldiers to Farm

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Leader North Korea, Kim Jong-un, issued various orders in early 2022. The rules are like forcing ex-military troops to farm so they don’t attend the Winter Olympics in Beijing. 1. Force Ex-Soldiers to Become Farmers The North Korean government is forcing ex-soldiers to farm as part of Pyongyang’s strategy to increase […]

Former North Korean Soldier Keki Forced by Kim Jong-un to Farm during Crisis

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Former soldier North Korea now ordered Kim Jong-un farming as part of the country’s strategy to increase agricultural production. Many of them have complained about having to return to work even after retiring from the military. Every North Korean male must serve seven years of military service after graduating from high […]

In the United States, excitement for a Rodin at auction

Removed from a grave because it was becoming too famous, a work by the French sculptor was put up for auction in Philadelphia and sparked controversy. An unfinished Rodin, adorning a tomb in Virginia, is in the headlines in the United States. On December 20, the New York Times revealed that the descendants of Elizabeth […]

Cooking Oil Rp. 718 thousand until the residents ignore Kim

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — In early 2022, North Korea’s situation was ‘unique’. In the midst of the food crisis, which still ensnares the price of cooking oil, the price of cooking oil ‘soars’, while the people seem indifferent to the propaganda launched by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. The following is the situation […]

North Korea Tests First Ballistic Missile in 2022

loading… North Korea tests its first ballistic missile in 2022. PHOTO/Reuters SEOUL – North Korea (North Korea) is suspected to have carried out a test fire of a projectile suspected of being ballistic missile . The shooting test was carried out off the east coast of North Korea, Wednesday (5/1/2022) morning local time. “The missiles […]

North Koreans claim to be indifferent to hearing propaganda praising Kim Jong-un

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Inhabitant North Korea claimed not to care when listening to praiseworthy propaganda Kim Jong-un because it succeeded in increasing military capabilities and making citizens safe. The North Korean government still had time to sponsor citizen propaganda classes to antagonize South Korea and the United States in the midst of a worsening […]